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Bradley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Michelle Young experiences unmatched misogyny in premiere episode

Right photo via Scout archives.Many Bradley students were eager to watch alumna Michelle Young on her premiere episode as “The Bachelorette” after ending season 25 of “The Bachelor” as the runner-up.

As expected, Young did not disappoint, donning a gorgeous silver dress and the unparalleled confidence that she undoubtedly honed here on the Hilltop as a DI athlete.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the men, who were unprofessional, underwhelming and out-of-pocket.

Many men chose to sexualize Young’s teaching profession. As a fellow teacher, I can only stress how uncomfortable that makes most people in the profession feel.

Young was clearly uncomfortable with spanking a stranger with a ruler for their first impression and appeared shocked when another contestant said that the teacher might just get “The D.”

Aside from the teaching jabs, there were several other distasteful illicit behaviors, with one man showing up in his underwear and another who asked to feel “her heart” as he gestured to her breasts.

It hurt to see someone who deserves so much respect get treated so poorly. Obviously these experiences are not novel on “The Bachelorette,” but I was hoping that the men would feel more shame given Young’s immaculately cultivated professional image.

When compared to “The Bachelor,” there is a clear disconnect. For many women, the first impression serves as an opportunity to show their unique and positive qualities. Almost every contestant brings something or shows some creative side of themselves.

On “The Bachelorette,” however, sexual innuendos and subpar introductions run rampant.

Are these really the best men that the producers could find?

I surely hope not.

Over the course of the season, I am eager to see these men redeem themselves for their childish night one behavior. Otherwise, I hope Young goes home empty-handed, with her dignity and self-respect in hand.

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