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Campus adjacent restaurants ranked

While the quality of food and service of Peoria restaurants is usually common knowledge on campus, the pandemic has prevented many rising sophomores from exploring local dining options. Incoming freshmen, too, are at a knowledge deficit when it comes to 309 cuisine. Have no fear, here is a comprehensive rating of campus adjacent restaurants.

The restaurants will be ranked out of five on quality of food, quality of service, options, price and cleanliness.

1. One World:
Quality of food: 3.5/5
Quality of service: 4/5
Options: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

One World is easily the most vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant near campus. The menu provides a guide for vegans, as well as patrons with gluten allergies or lactose intolerance. When I eat there, I usually get the vegetarian Southwestern quesadillas or the French toast casserole. I have never had any complaints about either dish. Their desserts are also incredible, especially the chocolate cake and berry cobbler. That being said, I do have friends who have had negative dining experiences there, usually with the quality of their steaks or burgers.

As far as service goes, the waiters are usually friendly, but not especially attentive. Depending on the day, you may have a 20-30 minute wait time to be seated in the restaurant, especially during brunch on Sundays. The preparation time for meals is also inconsistent. I’ve received my meal after 10 minutes of waiting, but there have also been times where I have waited 20-30 minutes. It definitely depends on the time of day and the meal.

The restaurant is always clean and after having spent the morning after my 21st birthday on their bathroom floor, I can definitely vouch for the cleanliness of their restrooms. The decor in the restaurant is also unique, as they go to great lengths to highlight local artists.

One World isn’t expensive, but it’s not somewhere you’d dine frequently in a casual sense.

Overall, One World is my personal favorite on this list, and I highly recommend it to students new to Peoria dining.

2. Avanti’s:
Quality of food: 3.5/5
Quality of service: 2/5
Options: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Cleanliness: 2/5

Avanti’s is a local Italian chain, with five locations in the Peoria area. While the food is good, you’re definitely receiving the quality you pay for. You can only expect so much from $6 sandwiches and pasta.

The University Street location is the closest to campus, with separate dine-in and carry out doors. Both sections usually look grimy, and the carpet in the main restaurant is particularly questionable. The service is also subpar on both ends. On the take-out side, I have been given incomplete or incorrect orders on occasion. And once, on the restaurant side, I asked three employees for a to-go box and, after having received none after 30 minutes, I walked out with my plate. (To be clear, I paid for my meal.)

As far as preparation time goes, Avanti’s is quick. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes for a meal after ordering.

Is this a nice restaurant you’d take your parents to? No.
Is this a great restaurant to eat at with a large group of broke college kids? Absolutely.

3. Jimador
Quality of food: 4/5
Quality of service: 3.5/5
Options: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Out of all the restaurants on this list, I crave Jimador the most frequently and dine there far more than any other Campustown restaurant. Jimador isn’t the cheapest restaurant on this list, but it is very affordable and is likely the best food for the price.

I love the waiters there and always have positive experiences with them, but they are rather inattentive. After receiving your meal, you won’t see your waiter until the check comes. This can be problematic considering that the meal usually comes to your table five to 10 minutes after ordering, and water refills can be scarce there.

As far as cleanliness goes, Jimador isn’t astounding in that area, but it’s good enough.

Overall, I recommend Jimador for most casual dining experiences, especially if you want cheap alcoholic beverages with your meal.

4. Thanh Linh
Quality of food: 4/5
Quality of service: 3/5
Options: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

For starters: Though Thanh Linh has a dine-in option, I have only dined there once. The interior is clean, but not overwhelmingly inviting. I would be more likely to order take out and eat it inside than I would be to walk in and be seated.

The food is good and the portions are sizable, but the bigger portions do come at a price. Ultimately, it’s worth it if you’re comfortable with leftovers, but I wouldn’t personally spend money there if I wasn’t getting a to-go box.

The service is also somewhat iffy. I have frequently received incorrect or partially correct orders and have had to wait extensively in-restaurant for them to remake the incorrect meal.

The tofu pad thai there is delicious, though, so I keep coming back.

I recommend trying Thanh Linh at least a few times while at Bradley, you may have better experiences than I have had.

5. Dang Bahn
Quality of food 4.5/5
Quality of Service: 4/5
Options: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5

It’s difficult to rank Dang. While they do carry food, I wouldn’t consider them a restaurant. If you’re looking for good boba, then Dang is a 5/5. The interior is lovely and the boba is even better. I have never seen a broader selection.

However, if you want food, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. While I like their poke bowls and lemongrass sandwich, the food is a little underwhelming when compared to the boba. The food is highly customizable, though, so you may find an option that works for you — if you don’t mind the extensive wait time.

The price is also fairly average. It isn’t as cheap as other campus options, but it isn’t expensive.

If you like boba, Dang is a must. If you want a good meal other than poke, seek alternative dining options.

Quality of Food: 2/5
Quality of Service: 3.5/5
Options: They are a pizza place and they have pizza
Price: 4.5/5
Cleanliness: 1/5

Most upperclassmen know that Bacci’s only tastes good if you’re intoxicated. While some like to argue that they actually have decent food options, I do not share the sentiment.

Bacci’s pizza is gross. It is greasy cardboard with cheese. The food is cheap and you get it quickly, but I struggle to call Bacci’s a “restaurant.” In order to have the full ‘Bradley experience’ you do have to eat there at least once, though.

And if you happen to end up one of the people who likes Bacci’s unironically, congratulations. Your stomach is far stronger than mine.

6. Fieldhouse
Quality of food: 4/5
Quality of service: 3/5
Options: 5/5
Price 3/5
Cleanliness: 5/5

I don’t typically dine at the Fieldhouse, but it certainly has good food. Their veggie burgers are enjoyable, and their “build your own burger” allows for a highly personalized dining experience. The restaurant also has a Bradley athletics charm, with clean dining areas that are pleasant to eat in.

As far as service goes, I’ve never had any problems with the restaurant. However, I do have friends who have forsworn dining there because of rude waiters and long wait times.

This restaurant is definitely a more mature dining pick, a favorite of many alumni. Seldom are current Bradley students seen there outside of Bradley basketball game nights, but it isn’t a bad choice for dinner in Campustown.

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