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Celebrate a Single-tine’s Day

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Being surrounded by lovebirds on Feb. 14 when you are single can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean you have to mope around all day. Here is a short list of things to get through Valentine’s Day in the best way possible.

1. Be your own Valentine: Buy yourself flowers, chocolate and jewelry. Pamper yourself by doing a facemask or painting your nails. Take the day to love yourself and all of your beauty.

2. Have a “Pal-entine’s day.” Plan something with your friends. Have a potluck dinner or a game night. Instead of hosting a pity party for one, make memories and have lots of laughs with your best buddies.

3. Pick up a new hobby: Try something you’ve never done before. You can do
this solo or grab another single friend and do something new. Maybe it can even become a tradition. It can be adventurous or simple,
as long as it’s something different.

4. Stay-in and be cozy: February can get pretty chilly, so just stay under the blankets and binge-watch a series or movies. Put on a romantic comedy or keep the lovey- dovey stuff off the screen. Make the night complete with some hot chocolate and popcorn.

5. Have a photoshoot: Grab a friend or group and take a bunch of pictures in different places. Just have fun while celebrating each other.

6. Explore the town: Have a night out with your closest friends and see what your city has to offer.

7. Get a little flirty: You are not the only single person on Valentine’s Day, so if you really don’t want to be alone, you can see who else
is out there. There are plenty of apps to choose from, or you can go to the nearest restaurant and see if there is only one person at a table for two.

8. Get crafty: Go to the dollar store and buy items that can be made into something special. Let your creative juices flow. You can give your craft to someone you love or keep it for yourself.

Above all, love yourself. Do whatever you want on Feb. 14. Whether you are under Cupid’s spell, a hopeless romantic or you just view Valentine’s Day as any other ordinary day, it is important to love who you are. Do what inspires and fulfills you. Take a moment to look yourself in the mirror and love what you see.

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