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Five quality Christmas gift ideas

Photo designed by Kyle St. John

Shopping for Christmas gifts has never been easy. With the introduction of internet shopping and services such as Amazon Prime, the overabundance of potential gifts has only gotten more daunting. 

But have no fear, here are my top Christmas gift ideas for 2021:

  1. A book subscription service

As an English major, I am admittedly a little biased on this pick. However, I have heard several people raving about their book subscription service, and with the popularity of “BookTok,” an interest in sharing literary experiences with others has never been higher. 

If you’re pressed for cash this holiday season, buy a one-month subscription for your beloved book nerd.If you want to shell out a little more dough, though, many subscription services allow you to pay for a whole year’s worth of literature up front. Once Upon a Book Club, a subscription that provides both a book and page-specific presents, starts at $49.99, The Book Club Box offers a starter box for $5 and Literati offers a three-month subscription for $75. There’s really something to love for every budget and every genre of reader.

  1. Zodiac candles

Astrology has reentered the mainstream with a fury. With so many people interested in their star sign, a zodiac candle is a wonderful present. offers a great deal on candles, with each candle providing information about the zodiac sign as well as a custom message.

If you want to spend a little more, Soulterra also creates custom zodiac candles with various crystals, rocks and minerals inside based on the sun sign of the recipient.

  1. UGG slides

Twitter has been raving about these fluffy sandals, and for good reason. Available in virtually every color, style and texture, your friends who prefer to kick it on the comfy side are sure to love at least one style of these shoes. While they are a little on the pricey side, coming in at about $60-120 depending on the style, they are well worth the satisfaction of seeing your loved one’s face after opening the box for this one-of-a-kind footwear. 

  1. Olaplex hair treatment

Not everyone cares about their hair, but for those that do, this present is a godsend. Olaplex has, without a doubt, the best hair care on the market, with custom products for every type of hair. In terms of ingredients, the company has the least toxic and most effective formulas out of all the brands I’ve researched. Unfortunately, you are paying for quality, and the conditioner alone can run upwards of $28.

  1. Apple AirTag/Tile

College kids are notoriously forgetful. Personally, I lose my keys at least twice a week. This issue could be easily remedied with the gift of an Apple AirTag, or a Tile for Android users.

Although Tiles have been around for awhile, the Apple AirTag is a relatively new invention, released in April of this year. Again, these products are a little pricey at $29.99, but they are well worth the time saved from never having to search for your keys or wallet again.

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