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Go back to basics on Valentine’s Day

In the beginning, lovers sent grandiose letters through messenger pigeons, Cupid shot his arrows into fannies and love was proclaimed from the highest mountaintops. Today, 21st century couples have showcased their affections through ordering takeout and the classic, “Netflix and chill.”

Of course, during this global pandemic, couples are now forced to simplify their plans. While the holiday appears to be isolating this year, maybe simplifying things could work out in everyone’s favor.

Usually during this time of year, budding couples or longtime partners feel an immense amount of pressure to get the right gift, secure reservations at the perfect restaurant and create the most romantic night of the year. While all of that sounds good, is it truly necessary?

The commercialization of Valentine’s Day is like no other, if the stuffed animals, ridiculously large chocolate boxes and expensive flowers littered throughout your local drugstores say anything. Society has created a standard that if your partner’s place does not look like the set of a Hallmark movie, they’ve failed miserably.

Instead of letting society control your Valentine’s Day plans, perhaps doing something more sentimental would be better for everyone’s hearts and pockets.

At its core, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for the person or people who mean the most to you. There are a plethora of options to make the day more meaningful with your loved ones, whether you’re together or apart.

If you and your significant other are able to be together, going on a date to the dollar store has quite literally never looked better. Frugal and fun? Check and check. One might ask “What can you find at the dollar store?” Great question. The dollar store is a place that’ll answer your every “They have these here?” with a simple “Yes, yes we do.” Therefore, a movie night is a fantastic option to use $1candies and snacks to the utmost advantage.

This is not limited to just couples; you or your friends could have a Zoom movie night on any streaming service with the “Share Screen” option. Whether you’re in a relationship or more than content with yourself, technology presents nearly endless options to connect with others, which is the point of the day.

Valentine’s Day should not be about getting your partner or loved ones the most expensive designer this or that. It’s about connecting with others on a basic human level. Obviously, it is more complicated given the current pandemic, but not impossible. FaceTime your loved ones, Zoom with your partner and tell the people important to you that you love them.

Love is arguably the most powerful emotion and does not need any grandiose measures to be expressed. So, whatever it is that you do on your Valentine’s Day, make sure it is simply with love.

“Can masks kiss? It is not expected but of course” – Joyce Carol Oates

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