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How to fight the fitness slump

Although the all-student quarantine was recently lifted, there will undoubtedly continue to be individual quarantines as the semester goes on, and that means (dare I say it) NO GYM.

The second I saw the email about the all-campus quarantine, I knew what this announcement meant: Markin is closed. As a triathlete, swimming and lifting weights are a big part of my workout routine (and my favorites), so knowing the gym and pool would be closed for at least two weeks put half of my weekly workouts on halt.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this – your workout schedule was finally becoming normalized with the first few weeks of school being over, only to be completely rearranged by quarantine. For those of you that want to gag at the word “running,” fear not. I have some innovative ways for the people that would much rather workout in a fitness center environment than outside.

Here are some everyday items that can transform your room into a personal gym:

I’m sure you’ve got a desk in your room, thus, a chair, which means step-ups are in your future. Chairs can be used for side and front step-ups, which are a great way to get those legs burning. (Caution: Make sure the chair is stable.)

Yes, a couch or a futon can be put to good use by binge-watching episodes of “The Office” on it, but it can also help get those glutes in gear. Couches or futons can be great platforms for split squats or “box” jumps. It’s a soft surface for those ankles, but make sure to stabilize that core to avoid losing your balance.

You know those books you purchased but never actually used? Turns out, they might not be so useless after all.Load an appropriate weight of books into your backpack, and now they can serve as an added weight for any of the following: squats, lunges, pushups, sit-ups and so much more. Make sure the straps are tight to secure the weight in place. Also, if you have stairs nearby, go for a walk or run up and down them. With a weighted backpack, you will most definitely feel the burn.

Never underestimate what your body weight can do for you. Many bodyweight workouts take minimal space but add optimal fitness to your body: wall sits for muscle endurance, push-ups for upper-body strength, planks for abdominal power and plenty more.

Even when everything else is out of reach, don’t let your fitness goals be. And when your floor, building or personal quarantine is officially behind you, you can confidently walk back into Markin with your head high and your squat low.

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