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I found it on TikTok: A list of my favorite finds from the algorithm

Graphic by Kyle St. John

One thing that I like about the never-ending scrolling app that is TikTok is that there is a huge possibility to discover something new. This no doubt leads people to find their new favorite things or get some great tips.

Band I keep on repeat: Luna Luna (@lunalunabaand)

Ever wanted to feel like you’re in a dreamy ʼ80s montage? Then I highly recommend giving this bilingual band from Texas a listen. This hidden gem has jams that are perfect for a summertime dance party with friends or background tunes for a chill Sunday afternoon.

One thing that I really love about this group other than their music is their soft aesthetics. It’s almost a fight back against machismo, or toxic masculinity, in the Latine community.

On top of that, their concerts are giving me FOMO. One minute, people are swaying to soft beats, and the next, the group switches to upbeat music from popular Latin American artists. Luna Luna and their fans sure know how to party.

Makeup I adore: Cinnlilly (@Cinnlilly)

I’ve been apprehensive about big-name makeup brands lately, but I’ve been deeply invested in businesses with female, queer or minority owners. Cinnlilly is a Black and women-owned beauty brand with anime-inspired products.

I’ve only ordered from this brand once, but I was in love with its dramatic, lashed adhesive eyeliner and water-activated palette, which helps me get creative with my own makeup. Even if makeup isn’t your thing, there are different body butters and sugar scrubs in scents that I’m dying to try.

Plus, you might find some freebies such as anime stickers, candies and accessories in your order. It’s one thing I love about shopping from small businesses.

A creator that always makes me hungry: The Korean Vegan (@thekoreanvegan)

I’m not a vegan, but I try to keep an open mind when it comes to food. However, if there’s one person that makes me absolutely crave their cooking, it would be Joanne L. Molinaro, also known as The Korean Vegan. 

What makes Molinaro’s content so unique is that she shares a story with each video that might not even be related to food at all. She opens up to the world about her life experiences on topics such as being a Korean-American daughter of immigrants, hardship, divorce, racism, sexism and more.

No matter the subject, I know that I can feel safe with each of Molinaro’s posts, as she brings a community together with food.

Lifehack that I desperately needed: long-lasting avocados

I love avocados, but I’m not a fan of having them rot before I can even think of what meal to use them in next. Before I know it, I have squishy avocados that are gone in a blink of an eye. Thankfully, my “For You” page has helped me with this issue.

Avocados can last longer when you keep them in water in the fridge. Fill a plastic container or jar that’s big enough to submerge your avocados. Since you stop the oxidation process, you’ll now have this fruit lasting for weeks — just make sure to change the water often.

Storing them in water and leaving them in the fridge has saved my avocados, as well as money and trips to the store. Now I can have guacamole without the fear of this produce going mole-dy.

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