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Mulaney’s SNL takeover

Saturday Night Live started with a bang last week, as Ben Stiller and Bill Hader returned to reenact the biggest news event of the week: Michael Cohen’s testimony before the Reform Committee and House Oversight.

But they weren’t the only ones to return to SNL for an evening of the popular sketch comedy. Longtime writer for the show and comedian John Mulaney hosted for the second time in a year – and he definitely didn’t disappoint.

Starting with an opening monologue that was reminiscent of one of his stand-up routines, Mulaney struck a perfect cord. While most celebrities usually discuss their upcoming films or music, Mulaney was in the position to demonstrate his comedy prowess; discussing topics such as living in New York, being Catholic and his love life.

He displayed the originality that monologues often forgo in favor of self-promotion. He proved that the show should bring a wider variety of industry talents to host.

Following the monologue, Bill Hader kept the comedy rolling, playing the host of the game show “What’s That Name?,” with Mulaney and Cecily Strong acting as the contestants.

The participants were first tasked with naming the partners of famous celebrities. Then the challenge became real and relatable: naming your friends’ romantic partners.

It was a portrayal of a situation we’ve all experienced. It only got funnier as the contestants failed and Hader ridiculed them for being horrible people. Everyone has been in the situation where we can’t remember a group member’s, a classmate’s or even a friend’s significant other’s name – making this skit even more comedic. Mulaney’s wit and delivery can take even the simplest skit to next levels of hilarity.

After, an amazing new device was advertised to save you the embarrassment of dying on the toilet, “Shark Tank: Legal Edition” – which notably made fun of New England Patriots owner Robert Craft for pleading not guilty prior to being tried for the solicitation of two prostitutes – and the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the glorious return of Chad.

Pete Davidson brought out the obvious fan favorite for a horror flick called “Unknown Caller.” Mulaney fans know the connection between him and Davidson, as they have been doing comedy shows together across New York in a mini tour called “Sundays with Pete & John.” Additionally, they frequently perform skits together on SNL.

In “Unknown Caller,” Davidson portrays Chad, whose television time and cereal indulgence is interrupted by a mysterious phone call.

As the world’s most agreeable person, Chad responded to the caller’s demand for him to play a game with his famous line, “Okay,” setting the events in motion. The villain, played by Mulaney, kills a woman Chad hooked up with and orders a pizza. Chad couldn’t care less, of course, even when Mulaney kills the pizza delivery boy.

The back and forth of the two equally unbelievable and outrageous characters is made hilarious by the comedic timing of this duo. While other hosts may take this blatantly unrealistic scenario too far and lose the fun, Mulaney and Davidson perfectly kept the balance between stupid, funny and genuinely well done. These two make the perfect comedic pair.

Following a few more skits, Mulaney gave his closing remarks, bringing one of the funniest Saturday Night Live episodes since last season to a close. While the night featured the usual laughs, Mulaney showcased both his comedic chops and the reason why the show should bring more talent from a variety of disciplines.

According to deadline Hollywood, ratings increased to the highest they’ve been since the singer Halsey hosted, further evidence that diversifying the industries that they invite hosts from is a great thing for the show. In the future, SNL should continue this trend and keep us crying from laughter.

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