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Oscar season is upon us

The temperature is starting to drop, the leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter.

This can mean only one thing: Oscar season is upon us. 

As November begins, there is a potential Oscar-winning film or performance playing out on our screens almost every weekend until Christmas. As a result, I am going to preview my three most anticipated films for this month—and one honorable mention—while also including some of the potential Oscar buzz these movies are receiving. 

‘The Irishman.’ Limited release on Nov. 1. Out on Netflix Nov. 27. 

Martin Scorsese’s gangster drama profiles Frank Sheeran’s involvement with Russell Bufalino’s expansive crime ring throughout the 1950s. “The Irishman” also addresses Sheeran’s potential involvement in the murder of former Teamsters Union President, Jimmy Hoffa. To this day, no one knows where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is.

These days, any Martin Scorsese movie receives Oscar buzz even before it is seen by critics. This film, which was plagued by delays because of the pricey de-aging technology applied to Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, has been met with almost unanimously positive reviews. “The Irishman” clocks in at 3 hours and 29 minutes and currently sits at 7-1 odds for Best Picture, according to Scorsese currently has 71-20 odds to win Best Director, and Robert DeNiro is currently at 7-1 for Best Actor. Al Pacino holds 9-2 odds for Best Supporting Actor.

‘Marriage Story.’ Limited release on Nov. 6. Out on Netflix Dec. 6.

“Marriage Story” follows the divorce of a stage director and his actress wife as both former spouses deal with their marriage fallout on opposite coasts of the U.S. Director Noah Baumbach has 6-1 odds to win the Best Director Oscar, and Scarlett Johansson currently holds at 4-1 for Best Actress. Adam Driver leads the Best Actor category with 19-5 odds, according to

The film is 2 hours and 16 minutes and has the third-best odds to win Best Picture at 8-1.

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’ Nationwide release on Nov. 22. 

In the same way that Scrosese films typically receive Oscar buzz, any film starring Tom Hanks has major awards potential. “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is no exception. This film covers the real-life relationship between journalist Tom Junod and television icon Fred Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers. 

The film has received solid reviews and currently holds a 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but the only real chance “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” has to win an Oscar is with Tom Hanks for Best Supporting Actor. Hanks has the third-best odds with 5-1, sitting behind Brad Pitt (“Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”) and Al Pacino (“The Irishman”).

Honorable Mention: ‘Queen and Slim.’ Nationwide release on Nov. 27.

While no reviews for “Queen and Slim” are out yet, this film has everything going for it leading into awards season. First, Daniel Kaluuya, the lead in the film, is an established, well-respected actor with a previous Oscar nomination. His name alone is enough to attract moviegoers. On top of Kaluuya’s popularity, the film boasts an excellent trailer, which gives me chills every time I watch it. 

“Queen and Slim” is about a black couple who, while on a Tinder date, are pulled over for failing to use a traffic signal. The situation quickly escalates for no reason, and it ends with the police officer being shot. The film follows the young couple while they try to avoid the law in

the aftermath.

In a loaded awards season with little to no Oscar buzz surrounding it, “Queen and Slim” may be overlooked by the Academy, but regardless, I cannot wait for this film to premiere.  

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