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Retro trends to keep or can

The 2020s have seen a resurgence in fashion trends popular in the ‘90s. Some of these trends are beautiful renderings of past ones, giving new life to old fashion. However, some of these trends should have been left in the decade they were stolen from.

Layered tanks: Keep

Layering a tank on top of a long or short sleeve T-shirt is an easy but fashionable choice. This “Clueless” nod is flattering on multiple body types and works well for a casual class ‘fit or Thursday night party look. And of course, no 90s tank would be complete without embroidered flowers, butterflies or astronomical symbols.

Mom jeans and oversized T-shirts: Can

It’s not that this pairing is particularly hideous or offensive to the eye, but it’s simply too overused. My friends, and even my sister, can be seen rocking this look all day every day. I have no problem with these clothing articles individually, but the combo is tired. Do better.

Long skirts with high slits (especially with Doc Martens): Keep

Overall, I’m not usually keen on long skirts. It’s hard to recall the chevron maxi skirt trend of the mid-2010s without gagging. However, this look does something different. Neither fancy nor casual, this trend occupies a novel niche in fashion. When paired with Doc Martens or combat boots, the look exudes power. This 90s alternative trend was in dire need of a revival.

Fishnets worn in unique ways: Keep with caution

I love the usage of fishnets in unconventional ways. Fishnet shirts, especially when paired with the aforementioned tank top trend, are a fashion do. I am concerned that this item is becoming a little overused, but in many cases, fishnets are a thoughtful addition to a grunge-chic look.

Tube tops: Undecided

Tube tops are a simple item that upgrade any look. I enjoy embroidered tube tops with fun floral prints or other floral iconography. Smocked tube tops, especially velvet ones, are eye-catching and always grab attention and compliments. However, polka-dots and horizontal stripes ruin this trend for me. At many major retailers, the ratio of good to bad tube tops is 50/50. If tube tops don’t get the respect they deserve, I’m revoking national tube top privileges. 

Metal belts: Keep

Metal belts, especially when worn with skirts, rock my world. This revitalized grunge trend has been a long-time coming. For jewelry-avoidant people, metal belts are a great accessory to add a little shine to your look without embracing traditional femininity.

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