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So happy to see ‘You’

After leaving us on the edge of our seats in December of 2019, “You” season three has finally been released, thrilling viewers once again with its seamless web of drama and crimes of passion.

Following the footsteps of the earlier seasons, Joe Goldberg seems to have a new infatuation everywhere he moves. The only problem is that when he moves to Madre Linda, California, he does not move alone. 

Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn-Goldberg are newlyweds with a new baby to take care of. But even as new parents, taking care of the baby seems to be the least of their problems. 

By including the partnership of Love and Joe, this season adds a new layer. Instead of simply focusing on Joe’s path, this season puts us in Love’s headspace more than any previous female character in the series. 

The relationship dynamic of Love and Joe and their shared, shall we say, “hobby” simply adds to the drama and suspense of this season. Love wants a white picket fence family in suburbia whileJoe’s pattern of obsession becomes an obstacle in the way of that dream throughout the season. 

Joe wants to be happy but is unsure of almost everything, other than the fact that he wants the best for the baby. Neither Love nor Joe seem fully committed to the success of their relationship.

Unlike the other seasons, though, there is a collaboration among Joe and Love to cover up any crimes and misdeeds that occur. 

This season had all of the aspects that make “You” so enjoyable. Of course, there is murder and salacious drama, but also a relatability. The characters are struggling with real-life problems like divorce, grief, parenting and addiction amongst less common problems like where to hide a dead body. 

However, in the end, this season didn’t seem on par with prior seasons, and the cliffhanger (no spoilers here) did seem a bit forced and cheesy. 

That being said, I would recommend tuning into this season of “You.” It certainly does not disappoint in terms of creativity and suspense, and both new and long-time fans can find something to love.

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