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The mind of Jake Paul

Former Disney star and now infamous Youtuber Jake Paul has been at the heart of several controversies over the past year.

Following multiple incidents where Paul had been seen setting furniture on fire, knocking down interior walls of bedrooms, handcuffing friends to beds, as well as alleged assault issues with former partners, Paul put himself in the middle of a heated debate.

Paul is the founder and leader of online social media group “Team 10” in which members of the group create content for their Youtube channels together from their LA based home.

Team 10 is known for producing viral videos such as “Everyday Bro,” which included all the members of Team 10 rapping as well as individually producing prank war videos. These types of Internet celebrities aren’t anything new for the digital world.

Shane Dawson of Long Beach, California has been crowned as the grandfather of Youtube sketch comedy, having been on the site since nearly the beginning of the social media platform. Dawson has had his fair share of controversies since his career began and has used his status on the platform to begin producing mini docu-series around other famous controversial Youtube stars.

However, when Dawson announced his plans for a series following the life of Jake Paul, he was met with critical outrage across all platforms of media. His long time followers and fans were split down the middle as to whether or not Dawson should allow Paul to have a platform to speak on his behalf.

On Sept. 25, Dawson released the first installment to “The Mind of Jake Paul.” The episode explored Paul’s destructive behaviors while giving the audience a taste of what his family life was like.

Dawson explored the idea that Paul might show signs of being a sociopath, which quickly gathered disapproval. Introducing his friend and psychologist Kati Morton, the two had a discussion where they attempted to analyze Paul’s behavior so as to find an answer to the burning question that so many fans have been asking themselves. This caused red flags to rise about whether or not it was ethical for Dawson and Morton to try diagnosing Paul, especially without his knowledge.

Since then, Dawson has released all five episodes of the series where he sits down with several former members of Team 10, as well as Paul himself, to discuss his actions and his road to infamy following his Disney career.

The series has set a precedent for the Youtube community by encouraging smaller content creators to go out and find stories that appeal to them rather than just conforming to the Youtube standard, which usually consists of vlogging by the Internet personalities.

Whether or not you agree with Dawson’s decision to do the series or your general attitude towards the Paul family, it is an interesting watch and certainly exciting to experience.

The final installment will be uploaded to Dawson’s Youtube channel on Oct. 10 and will conclude what has been one of the most controversial series of the year.

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