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Top 10 fast food pet peeves

The frigid cold of winter is fast approaching, meaning more and more of us are going to whip through the drive thru instead of going inside. While we all benefit from the convenience of drive thrus, we rarely think about the people on the other side. Believe it or not, fast food employees are people too. Here’s a list of my top 10 biggest pet peeves as a former Dairy Queen manager:

10) People who hand in change after the cash register drawer is already open

If your total is $10.36 and you hand me $11, don’t hand me 57 cents after I already let the computer do the math. Give me two minutes, and, sure, I’ll be able to give you back a one-dollar bill. But why waste both of our time just so you don’t have an extra quarter in the center console?

9) People who order more at the window

If you’re the only car in line and you want another small Pepsi, order at the window. However, if there are seven cars behind you, please don’t wait until you arrive at the final window to order five more large blizzards. Yes, it has happened before.

8) People who have no idea what they want

Once again, if you’re the only car in line, take as long as you need. If you haven’t decided what you want after 10 minutes, though, maybe pull around again or find a different restaurant.

7) People who leave their windshield wipers on in the middle of a downpour

Why yes, I do love being repeatedly splashed in the face with ice-cold water. How did you know?

6) People who ask for more than two separate orders

We’ve all been there: four people are in the car, and everyone is strapped for cash. But come on people, Venmo exists for a reason.

5) People who complain about food after they eat it

Oh, I’m sure the extra large chocolate shake you just drank was terrible. That’s probably why you finished the whole thing.

4) People who smoke in the drive thru

One time, I held my breath for over two minutes just so I didn’t have to breathe in cigarette fumes. You may want to eat our food, but I certainly don’t want to smoke your cigarette with you.

3) Mean people

One time I had an old lady tell me to “go f**k myself” because I took too long to make her husband’s salad.

2) People who yell at employees for the prices

I absolutely love it when people yell at me for the price of food. What makes you think that I, a minimum-wage DQ cashier, have control over the prices?

1) People who come one minute before closing

I’m a college student working this job to afford tuition, and I have two exams tomorrow that I have had no time to study for. The girl closing with me is a high school senior who has more AP Chem homework than patience. By waiting until literally the last minute, you screw both of us over. Your “simple” order adds 20 minutes of preparation and re-cleaning to our night. Are your chili dogs and vanilla shake really worth it?

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