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ACBU SERF Coordinators decided against a Fall concert

Dear Scout,


We would like to address some of the rumors that have been floating around regarding this semester’s concert situation. First off, Borderline A Music Festival (B.A.M.F.) was not intended to replace this semester’s concert.

Instead it was an innovative idea thought up by +Music, Brave Sounds Entertainment, and ACBU to diversify the music atmosphere on Bradley’s campus.

The Special Event Reserve Fund (SERF) Coordinators on ACBU collectively decided against a Fall concert for very specific reasons. Financially a portion of the SERF Budget was used to pay for B.A.M.F..

With this amount of money allocated already before discussions of the Fall concert, the SERF coordinators decided to take into account the value of bringing an artist whose expenses would leave the Spring concert in trouble.

Taking into regards the previous concerts and the feedback from the student body, the SERF coordinators also decided against a Fall concert so as not to bring two mediocre acts and disappoint the campus. That being said, we hope the SERF budget for the Spring concert will allow for a higher quality artist to be brought to campus.

We would like to thank the student body for coming out and supporting B.A.M.F.  and hope that everyone enjoyed the music.



The SERF Coordinators 

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