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Former student body president says “thank you”

Does a year go by fast or what? I can’t believe it’s time for a new set of Student Body Officers. On behalf of myself, Bailey Miller, Rose Wurster and Dashawn Cason, we want to again say thank you to everyone that put us into our positions and to those that came to student senate with their issues. Being able to serve as your SBOs this past school year was a pleasure and honor. Representing the entire student body is not always the easiest thing to do, but we tried to do our best in addressing your concerns and getting answers to your questions.

What I mentioned in the previous sentence does not only include the SBOs; the Senate cabinet is included as well. Without the eight cabinet members, senate would not have been able to be as successful as it was this past school year. Emily Corona, Jay Mehta, Matt Sullivan, Holly Alguire, Russell Howland, Daniel Bachrach, Will Parkhurst and Logan Broitman were all dedicated members of this past administration, and they were all able to accomplish something within their specific field of responsibility.

Whether it was lowering the price of printing, giving feedback to improve food service or increasing campus safety with the launch of the Hilltop Safety Cruiser, these individuals were able to make an impact on this university, and I want to thank them for hard work.

On a personal note, I originally ran to be student body president in order to raise school spirit and establish a stronger relationship between the student body and the administration. At first, I thought this would be able to be completed in my term as president, but I learned that it is a process.

The second goal progressed by the detail of my state of the students’ addresses to the board of trustees. I would explain to the board specific issues that students had and why those issues affected the university as a whole. The first goal was worked on by taking part in the selection process of the mascot and working with the marketing wing of the athletics department.

The conclusion I have come to is that students like to discuss school spirit, but never come to a solution. Students attending sporting events, concerts, Late Night BU and wearing Bradley clothing are some examples of school spirit. With the addition of a mascot in the near future, the student body will receive a spirit boost.

The main thing that I wanted to accomplish during my presidency was being as available and as present as I could be for the student body. I attended just about every Bradley event I could and loved hearing ideas from students and alumni as to how the university could be bettered and what positive things were taking place already.

It is up to us as students to take pride in the institution we are enrolled in. If we are not going to be proud of it, who is going to be? Get involved, but more importantly stay involved.


Senior public relations major Alan Buckingolts

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