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An Open Letter to President Zack Shaw

Dear Sir,

I am astounded to hear of your involvement in the events that took place around 2 a.m. Saturday in the 1400 block of Fredonia Ave. Especially given that it is so soon into the start of your career as president of the student body.

The incident to which I am referring to is your run-in with the university police this past weekend. It is public knowledge that you were issued a citation for disorderly conduct. The question that must be facing you now, the challenge, is can you continue to represent the student body after displaying such poor judgment?

With the details still emerging from this weekend’s incident, I find it hard to believe what I hear. We need a president who has a strong, honorable disposition. We need someone we can trust. We need someone with ironclad judgment. Someone with the sense to not do the things you can’t get caught doing.

Judgment: that is what this comes down to. How can any of us expect you to stand before the Board of Trustees asking for its help in making a better university?  We cannot even trust you to drink responsibly.

I would be the first to admit that you have every right to drink. You have every right to drink to excess even.

What you do not have is the right to do is to be issued a citation as student body president. That is unbecoming of any president, especially of someone so recently elected. What I question now, is why you have not already stepped down.

It is the end of the year; you needed to literally hold off your irresponsible behavior for a month. One month and we will no longer be out here. One month and you would not be in the spotlight.

As one of your constituents, I expected more of you. As a fellow member of Residential Living, I expected more of you. As a member of the outgoing Executive Cabinet, I expected more of you. As a Brave, I expected more of you.

I think I speak for many members of this student body, you should resign. What you have done is not so terrible in and of itself, the issue is that you have done it while also being the student body president. You represent us.  We deserve better.

You have received a stipend to do your job. You are literally getting paid to represent us. This is not the type of representation that makes Bradley a university of national distinction. At least not in the way that it was intended.

Whatever statements you have made within Senate, it is imperative that we are represented better. We await your decision respectfully,


William Robert Ted Parkhurst

Junior history and finance major

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