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Editorial: The Scout endorses Hillary Clinton

When The Scout’s editorial board sat down to write this endorsement, the general consensus was to not endorse any candidate. But after much deliberation, we see only one real option: Hillary Clinton.

We worried about Clinton’s secretive nature – but what politician isn’t, to an extent? We were concerned about how scripted she sounded in debates – but after all, isn’t it good to be prepared?

Clinton has more than 30 years of experience in politics. From her college internship in the White House, to her work with the Children’s Defense Fund, to holding a seat in Senate and serving as Secretary of State until 2013, she’s always been working for the common good.

She’s fought for the rights of workers, women and children. She’s gracefully tackled controversial topics throughout her professional career, such as immigration, the national debt, taxes and abortion – and all of this she did long before she was running for president. Clinton has always cared about these issues, and she knows what she’s doing.

Not to mention she’s had to deal with decades of criticism – even harsher than her peers due to her gender. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are never criticized about the height of their heels or the color of their outfits, and Clinton addresses these callouts with ease.

Trump. Is that really the hand you want hovering over the fabled Big Red Button? He’s too hot-tempered, and he’s never held a political office in his life. The Scout would feel more comfortable electing a local school board member over Trump – at least they would know how to play well with others.

Trump lacks the skills necessary to deal with matters such as foreign affairs, easing racial tensions and handling policy with members from both sides of the aisle in Congress.

While Clinton is certainly not a perfect candidate, her knowledge of political action is backed by a strong resume and a determination to improve our country.

We cannot, in good conscious, endorse any other candidate.

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