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Chicago Bears beating themselves

The Chicago Bears have the talent to be one of the best teams in the NFL.
I know the Bears are just 1-2 so far this year, and they are already having quarterback issues for about the 50th year in a row, but if you watched the games you would know the only team that has truly beaten the Bears is the Bears.
The opener against the Colts should have been a bar-setter. 
That was the game where they got revenge for the Super Bowl loss and sent a message to the rest of the league that the Bears are back.
Chicago basically has the same team as when the Bears won the NFC championship, and the players now have even more experience.
Against the Colts the defense was dominant–the Monsters of the Midway even recorded a safety. They even took down the un-sackable Peyton Manning twice.
The offense looked good too. Rookie Matt Forte rushed for 123 yards in his first ever NFL game, and Kyle Orton did what he had to do–not mess anything up.
After seeing this game, I came to the conclusion the Bears have the talent to be back in the playoffs.
If they just play to their strengths, they can stay with anyone. It’s not like the Colts are a pushover.
If you look at the box score for the second game against the Panthers, it’s hard to figure out how they didn’t win.
Charles Tillman got an interception, the defense recorded two sacks, Orton didn’t throw a pick and Forte rushed for over 90 yards.
The Bears beat themselves.
Greg Olsen had two fumbles, both of which ended up in the Panthers’ hands.
The tight end is supposed to be a possession receiver you can hit on short passes and continue the drive.
If Olsen held on to those balls, I have no doubt in my mind the Bears would have won that game.
At this point the Bears are 1-1, with themselves to blame for the loss.
Next was the home-opener against Tampa Bay, a game the Bears should have been ready to go for.
Again, looking at the box score, the Bears should have won the game.
The defense had three interceptions, and Forte had over 150 all-purpose yards.
Olsen beat the Bears in the second game, and Orton beat the Bears in the third game.
Orton threw two picks, one of which was thrown directly to a Buccaneers’ defender while under pressure, and it was returned for a touchdown killing the Bears momentum.
Even with giving them a free touchdown, the Bears were still in position to win.
 They then racked up penalty after penalty, until finally losing in overtime.
As frustrated as I am about this team, I am somewhat happy.
There have been years the Bears just clearly were not any good–the Curtis Enis era for example.
This year is different. It’s only three games in, and the Bears have the potential. 
If Lovie Smith can get the team straightened out and sneak it into the playoffs, I think the Bears could be a sleeper team and make a run in the post-season.
Alex Mayster is a junior journalism major from Palatine. He is the Scout sports editor.
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