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Editorial: Appreciate the unsung heroes of the university

In light of a recent unsanitary incident on campus, the necessary yet often unnoticed role of our custodial staff has been put into focus, as they handle some of the most taxing jobs at Bradley.

The staff is busy working to maintain the university on a daily basis, but the workers often aren’t recognized by the students until we need them. Their work can be heavy on their backs and rough on their hands, made dangerous with various chemicals and worsened with weather exposure.

As we’re making mistakes and acting careless, custodians are hard at work to make sure that any consequences are cleaned up. Our near-nuclear hazard of waste and trash is thwarted from buildup by their efforts.

Making sure we keep our own residences clean and being respectful of shared restrooms are simple tasks we can do to avoid making the custodial staff’s job more difficult.

In the most chilling temperatures, while we’re online for classes or enjoying a free day, there are staff members working plows on the streets and sidewalks. We can take refuge in our heated houses or dorms, but they have to wear layers to put salt on the ground in snow and wind.

Let’s not forget that as we move away from the winter, we see the campus come alive again. While the nature on campus can be the perfect Instagram backdrop, it’s not all naturally occurring. Groundskeepers are nurturing the soil by planting flowers and plants to keep Bradley beautiful.

Looking back to September 2018, Bradley was recognized for the BU Grounds crew’s hard work with the Orchid Maintenance Award from Keep Peoria Beautiful. This award recognized the high standard and excellent condition of the property.

These are the jobs that people don’t find to be the most desirable, but someone needs to do them. We’ve had some workers that have been at Bradley for years, and they deserve the respect and recognition from the campus community.

When you pass by a custodian, groundskeeper, IT support, electrician or dining service worker, be sure to just say hello and thank them for their work. It’s rare that jobs that seem menial receive gratitude for their essential efforts to keep the campus clean, safe and functional.

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