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Editorial: Take action ahead of Student Senate elections

Elections for next year’s Student Body Officers are in less than a week, scheduled for March 30 and 31. The two main campaigns for chief positions — David Daye and Lydia’s Leaders — are currently promoting through different means, including their social media accounts and posters that you may have seen around campus.

While you may not feel any personal drive to take an interest in the election, The Scout encourages you to take action ahead of next Wednesday and Thursday.

Be informed

Both campaigns have Instagram pages open with extensive information about their values and goals (David Daye, Lydia’s Leaders), and the campaign posters direct viewers to these pages. Apart from being the easiest places to learn about who and what your potential vote will be going towards, the pages are likely the foundations for the campaigns to spread information and gather support.

Take account of candidate platforms

In looking into the campaigns, ways that they may differ in vision or execution will become evident. Examine the information each gives and how they give it; every word on their page has likely been chosen with intent, so exercise your right as an active follower to hold the candidates to what they have promised.

Reach out to candidates

A recurring issue that Student Senate has seen this year is minimal student turnout to General Assembly meetings and events designed to welcome students and their questions about Senate operation. Both main campaigns have encouraged viewers to reach out with comments either via email or Instagram direct message. These options are open 24/7, so there is a great incentive to make your voice heard now.


In the end, all of the preparation in getting informed and involved can only be quantified through your vote. Considering Student Senate elections in the past have come down to the wire, with voter turnout playing a major role in election results, an individual’s decision to vote can add up in significant ways.

We at The Scout can only say that you should make the most of the next five days and find your own reason to take an interest in the election, and that we believe these tips make for a great start.

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