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Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down fall 2022

As is the case every semester, there have been some ups, downs and in-betweens during the fall 2022 semester. The Scout editorial staff got together and compiled a list of what deserved a thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs middle from the first half of the school year at Bradley.

Thumbs up: 125th anniversary 

A hundred and twenty-five years is a long time and deserves to be celebrated, no matter what it is. The University did a good job of showcasing its history and historical progress at this year’s Homecoming, exciting a normally uninterested student body. It was a good celebration, especially after months and months of COVID. The Scout is proud of the institution for reaching this milestone and it can’t wait for the next 125.

Thumbs up: Innovative technologies

A new year brings new inventions on campus. This semester a new device for accessibility titled Push was brought to the Hilltop by alumnus Pierre Paul. Users of Push wear a band around their wrist and when pressed, doors that are Push-enabled will open up to 20 feet in advance. Those with mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches and walkers will benefit from the new installation. Along with Push, a safety invention was implemented on campus this year. The app titled Transloc can be installed onto students’ phones, from which they can call a safety cruiser to their selected location. Students are able to track the vehicle so they know when their ride will be arriving, which puts many students at ease. 

Thumbs middle: New exterior decor 

While the improvements to the Michel Student Center marquee are classy and well-deserved, the posters on the outsides of Olin Hall, Heitz Hall and the bookstore are an odd aesthetic choice, to say the least. With oddly staged photos and nonsensical slogans, the images are reminiscent of outdated textbooks. The efforts by the university to spruce up the campus’s appearance are appreciated, but the execution falls flat.

Thumbs down: Wi-Fi

Throughout this semester, there has been a noticeable decrease in the strength and reliability of the Wi-Fi across campus. As a result, students and faculty have experienced increased difficulty in connecting and maintaining Wi-Fi connections. Moving to different areas on campus and even in the same building has caused the Wi-Fi to falter. No significant solutions to the issue have emerged, and it’s unknown when improvements to the system will be made.

Thumbs down: Multi-Factor Authentication

In an age where technology seeps its way into every bit of our lives, the protection of our personal information has become a necessity. That being said, the unnecessary complication of security measures has only brought about frustration among the student body. The process to sign up was quick and efficient, and rewards for students who did so by a certain point were a good incentive to adopt the protective measures. Unfortunately, the sign-in process for students is complicated by having to send a code, open an app, enter your passcode (or Face ID) and hope that the website picks it up. A simple login to Canvas to submit your term paper has become a hassle to even get to the class page. With a Wi-Fi connection that is already held together by rubber bands, an improvement to the MFA sign-in process is greatly needed.

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