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Introducing the new Webster

The switch from the student application website Webster to MyBradley on March 27 startled many students, considering that registration for the upcoming school year was right around the corner.

Essentially, MyBradley has the same information as Webster did and served the purpose of allowing students to register for classes along with keeping track of personal information, such as financial services.

Many students wondered why the familiar site was getting taken down at this time because they had to register for classes in the following weeks. The reason is that Webster’s programming language was too old to be able to handle the change in the academic schedule that the university had planned.

Some students’ anxiety only worsened when they tried to plan out their schedule through the schedule builder tab on MyBradley and the tab would not open when they needed it to. Thankfully, it went off without a hitch during the Honors Program registration, which typically happens before non-Honors students can register

Unlike registration with Webster, the site did not crash with the amount of students that were on it at the same time. However, that was only a select few of students on Bradley’s campus and the real test of the site will come next week when all students are allowed to register.

A major perk of MyBradley is that all information that students need to know is right on the homepage. The information ranges from scheduling of classes, advisor information, financial services and a list of resources for other on campus offices.

Since the site is still fairly new, updates and changes will still be being made to make it the best possible version for students. Not everyone loves change and many frankly don’t like seeing it all, whether that’s going back home for break or downloading a new version of iOS on their iPhone. However, it happens every once in a while and for right now, the switch to MyBradley isn’t looking like such a stressful decision after all.

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