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Pause privileged posting

Spring break is one of the most anticipated dates on the calendar for college students. While we only get a week off, there’s ample time to have fun, relax and reset before tackling the second half of the spring semester.

It’s common for students to travel and enjoy vacations at various locations during this time. And, of course, you wouldn’t be a member of Generation Z if you aren’t tempted to post about where you’re spending your spring break.

Everyone is entitled to a relaxing and carefree break and it’s normal to want to share your experiences with your friends and followers on social media. However, it’s important to be mindful of the quantity of your posts and the context of your captions.

Keep in mind that many of your peers are unable to travel for various reasons, whether it be because it’s out of their budget or they have to use the time off from school to work so that they can afford school-related expenses. It can be distasteful and insensitive to flood people’s timelines with highlights, accompanied by snooty captions from a lavish trip.

However, it should be said that a trip that you’ve saved up for for a long time due to that hard work is a bit different than going on your third trip to the Caribbean in a year’s span. 

One way to avoid the frivolous flexing is to post a photo dump at the end of your trip so that you still celebrate your travels while not going overboard. This can be particularly beneficial to you, the traveler, so that you can enjoy your stay while also not rubbing those sand-covered beaches in the faces of your working or less-privileged peers.

Being able to pack a bag and temporarily move to somewhere that doesn’t carry the weight of daily life is a privilege. Thus, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy this benefit, be wise in how you show it. Be mindful of others and try to envision a time where you felt left out. Go on that trip, but settle down on the excessive posting about it.

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