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Letter to the Editor: 2016-02-12

Last week, The Scout featured an article on One Direction. Unfortunately, after reading the article, I was dismayed with the illogical argument used to make Directioners “fear” the demise of One Direction.

The story relied on the premise that Niall Horan allegedly becoming a golfing agent in which he would represent professional golfers was the beginning of the end for One Direction. The article claims Niall Horan only has two options in life – be a pop superstar or play golf.

Niall can do what he pleases. He isn’t under contract because the band completed five albums and four tours. The band is on HIATUS. The point of the hiatus is for the boys to branch out and explore their passions – golf would be that passion for Niall.

On top of blaming Niall for One Direction’s apparent demise, the article claimed that Niall was disrespectful for abandoning his music career. Despite the abusive claims, I applaud Niall for establishing business ventures outside the band, so he creates an individual identity aside from his One Direction persona.

Furthermore, comparing Niall to Zayn was ludicrous. Niall didn’t break any legal promises, abandon a tour or deceive fans by asking for a normal life while recording solo music. Fans viewed footage of concerts leading up to the announcement of Zayn’s departure that showed the four remaining boys emotional and grateful for their fans continual support. Niall isn’t ignorant to his fans’ sensitivity. He is merely on a hiatus meant for the exploration of passions he had little time to develop while on tour with One Direction.

My favorite part of the article was the slippery slope presented regarding the other band members. The article claims two of the four – Louis and Liam – will become the next Chris Kirkpatrick, Harry Styles will launch a solo career, and Niall, again, will “crush Directioners” with his golfing agency. However, Louis Tomlinson is in talks to create a record company with Simon Cowell, further delving into the business side of the music industry. Liam Payne has already written several songs, including a song for the boy band HomeTown, and collaborated with Juicy J.

Most puzzling, however, was the faulty analogy between Harry Styles and Nick Jonas, when it was Joe Jonas who released his solo music first. Nick Jonas recorded a separate album with his band, The Administration. Perhaps penning Harry as the next Justin Timberlake would be more applicable.

As a Directioner, I’m not worried Niall Horan’s golfing career will destroy my favorite band. I hope the boys (and Zayn) can relax, experiment with their sound and ultimately engage in the activities they wouldn’t otherwise engage in. Even though The Scout article was listed under “Distractions,” One Direction is comprised of four men liable to do whatever they please to fine-tune their careers.

– Anna Huffman
Senior English major

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