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Letter to the Editor

The editorial from the last issue of this paper, which asserts that rapists need to be taught that rape is wrong is 100% true and I agree wholeheartedly with the piece. After all, we all know that human beings have no sense of right or wrong and that if you tell a rapist what they did was wrong, they will never do it again. While this is a good sentiment, the article doesn’t go far enough. The editorial targets wrongdoings primarily committed by men, but we should use this logic to solve problems that women are primarily responsible for.

For example, did you know that women are responsible for most of the child abuse in our country today? Stats show that women are responsible for 60% of the cases of child abuse in this country. Ladies: It doesn’t matter how tired you are, or how much your baby cries. None of that matters. The fact that a child has been abused is what the violation is, and you need to recognize what you did was wrong.

These disgusting crimes are committed by people who are not random strangers to the victims. The perpetrators are victims’ own mother! These “mothers” need to be able to recognize and have ingrained in their brains that what they are doing is wrong, and victims should have the right to not be abused. Resources such as domestic violence shelters and child protective services should not be taken away. However, there needs to be additional work done to educate people on what exactly child abuse consists of, as well as the importance of not abusing children.

Many of you people reading this will have children sooner or later, and not only shouldn’t you abuse them, you need to teach them not to abuse others. You may think that you were going to do that already, but as already discussed, it is a fact that you have no sense of right or wrong and need to be told about these things.

Issues will continue on like this if the root of the problem isn’t addressed. Education about not abusing children needs to become integral to society in order to eradicate child abuse. We need to teach women not to abuse their children! Also don’t forget to check you privilege you child-killing monsters!

(This letter to the editor was satirical in tone. And it’s sad that I have to spell that out).

Vincent Dory, Computer Information Systems
President of Students for Free Speech

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