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Letter to the Editor: Rachel Bisch

Bradley Scout!

I’m studying abroad this semester in Denmark (know for being blunt and wayyy more chill about thigs like sex), and I heard about you latest “issue” and immediately read the online pdf, from across the world.

Woah Awesome, and issue all about sex (plus the sports page) what more could a girl ask for?!
Well, a little more.
See I am an extremely sarcastic sassy saucy witty person, and can always use more of that in my life. But see the trouble with that is that you can miss the mark. I’m sure your writers and editors meant well, but the internet is already full of ignorant witty jabber with fantastically innaccurate portrails of sex and relationships, especially in college. I totally get you don’t want to say sorry for what you think was great material but, please, state more clearly what your goals were with the articles published.

Furthermore, now that we are “there” with this publication, I want more!!! What college students don’t want more sex right? (Well, plenty. 1/3 of our campus is abstinent if you recall) My request, though, is that you seek out more insightful writers who can still ease the taboo subject with wit. I’d love to hear more about living between genders or as a trans person or identifying as asexual. Define the hard words for us. But, most importantly, find the real voices of Bradley Univesity. We’re Brave, we’ll share our knowledge if we know it’ll help. You’ve got at least one volunteer right here.

So, sure. Don’t say you’re sorry you published it. But talk about who wrote it, why, and who their target audience was. The issue excluded much more of campus than intended I’m sure but I urge you to step up, be Brave, and say so.

– Rachel Bisch, Industrial Engineering major,

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