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Letter to the Editor: Someone to blame

Any time there is a tragedy in our lives, we are left with questions. We are left looking for an explanation – someone or something to blame. We search for the reason, any reason, that something of this magnitude could happen.

That is what we are left doing after the attacks this past Friday in Paris. With 129 deaths and over 400 more injured in these horrific terrorist attacks, we are left with the burning questions of “Why” and “How’?

In these times of tragedy, it is important that we come together in support of those who have come under attack.

In the past few days, there have been multiple instances of people and countries using this tragedy to further their own agendas. We have seen heads of state justifying these atrocities as acceptable due to issues in the Middle East, going so far as to blame Israel for these attacks. As the Israel Education Center intern through the Jewish United Fund, I urge all of you to look past these distractions.

There is no excuse for terrorism. There is no excuse for the murder of hundreds of innocents. There is no excuse for the actions the Islamic State took.

In times like this, we need to look past our day-to-day issues.

This cannot be an issue of political affiliation. It cannot be an issue of religion or ethnicity. It cannot be an issue of skin color or race. This is an issue of human rights and humanity in general.

So, as we search for reasons and explanations in the coming days, remember to focus on who is responsible. This isn’t the opportunity to argue politics. This is the time to come together, despite any differences, and hold those responsible accountable for these attacks on humanity.

Charlie Cohen
Junior political science and public relations double major

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