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Letter to the Editor: Stacy Hoefert

Like many others, I was disappointed in The Scout edition. Aside from just being inappropriate for a school newspaper, there were many offensive aspects which I encourage all students to read about in the “Joint Statement in Opposition to the February 12, 2016 Edition of the Scout”.

The one line that really stood out to me was “What women don’t realize is that wearing lingerie will increase your sex appeal and your confidence”. While I’m ashamed that this was published at Bradley, it made me reflect on the amazing opportunities I have had to build confidence during my years here.

Things that have built my confidence:
-Making friends who encourage me to be my best self
-Living in a foreign country where I barely knew the language
-Making advancements in my professional certification
-Taking on leadership roles in my sorority
-Facing my fears and going skydiving
-Mentoring younger students
-Applying for some of my dream jobs (even though I didn’t get them all)

While that list is incomplete, I think that every Bradley student has a ton of opportunities and resources to build their confidence beyond their sex appeal. Any student who is struggling to feel confident should remember that they are part of the Bradley family, and they have so many students/staff/faculty to reach out to. We are a community that builds each other up. We should all remind our peers why they are great and encourage them to take advantage of all the opportunities we have at Bradley. Also another reason why our campus is great…. Because so many students have spoken up and said that this is ‪#‎NotOurVoice‬

Stacy Hoefert, actuarial science major,

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