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Letter to the Editor: Tom Dermody

As a Bradley journalism alum and former copy editor of The Scout, I enjoy picking up the paper when I’m on campus. I’m not sure how to describe my reaction to what I saw in the Feb. 12 “Valentine’s Day” issue. Disbelief? Disappointment? Disgust? Anger?

These reactions stem not only from the pornographic content of the “Voyeur” section, but from observing there are 20 people listed on the Scout staff, including an adviser. Did no one object to publishing staff-written, how-to accounts of orgies, stripping and anal sex? Did no one on staff take a stand – based on journalistic, business/advertising, or obvious moral concerns – that this might not be a good idea? If so, did no one resign over the fact that the editors went ahead with it?

I understand that many have already voiced objections. Please add my name to that chorus not only as a journalist and alum, but as a parent and a person of faith. If, when our daughter was touring colleges, we would have seen such a section in a newspaper bearing the university’s name on the flag, the tour and any consideration of that college would have ended immediately.

A grade schooler can understand the basic argument for freedom of the press. To realize that freedom involves responsibility and consequences requires maturity. I hope the Feb. 12 issue is the result of an incredibly immature and spineless Scout staff, and not evidence that responsibility is no longer being taught at my alma mater.

Tom Dermody

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