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Letter to the Editor: The Latinx Caucus

An Open Letter To Bradley University Students, Faculty and Staff,

It has been brought to our attention that a student has been discriminated against for listening to music of his native language, and unfortunately, this is an occurrence that is not new to any minority on campus. On any social media platform, there is always a chance to find an individual yelling, “This is America, speak English!” in a video, picture, or posting. Why is that our ability to speak 2 or more languages is offensive to some? Why is it that a White individual is applauded for learning another language, but we are attacked for using a skill we have obtained since childhood? As people of color, when our bilingual and cultural abilities are called upon as being wrong in a country that is labeled as free, only enhances our need to speak up!

As the Latinx Caucus, we stand firm with the belief that respect is due to all diverse communities, but especially on any University campus. That tolerance and understanding are crucial in a country that honors freedom of speech and expression. As the Latinx Caucus, we hope that our campus is a model institution for a welcoming environment. We believe that Professor Podlasek’s actions are not a fair representation of Bradley University. The minority communities on this campus will continue to be proud and celebrate our diverse cultures, and we will never stop working to make Bradley University feel like a home for students. As minority leaders on campus, we call to action that something is done to correct the wrong of Professor Podlasek. We hope this incident provides a chance of reflection and encourages those who have experienced discrimination on this campus to never stay silent.


The Latinx Caucus

Rivaldo Rodriguez, The Wise Men of Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity,

Ana Velazquez, Association of Latin American Students, avelazquez2@

Kamila Achi, Association of the Latino Professionals for America, kachi@

Anjelica Velazquez, Sigma Lambda Gamma, avelazquez@mail.bradley. edu

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