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Long-time assistant provost retires

Linda Pizzuti, assistant provost, will retire after 25 years at Bradley. Photo by Haley Johnson

Assistant provost Linda Pizzuti has dedicated 25 years to the university implementing, coordinating and organizing the activity of the provost, starting from former provost Cal Goldberg to current provost Walter Zakahi.

Now, she’s ready for the three R’s: relax, rejuvenate and retire.

“My decision to retire is strongly tied to my family and my desire to spend more time with them, including my grandchildren, while I still have the energy to do so,” Pizzuti said.

When Pizzuti first started her position in 1993, it was titled “assistant to the Provost,” and later evolved, as her responsibilities did, to assistant provost for academic affairs.

Her job description is extensive, and includes identifying sources of funds for the academic budget, serving on various committees and interpreting policies and procedures, just to name a few.

“My position requires a lot of communication with various constituents from students all the way up to board of trustees members,” Pizzuti said. “No two days are the same, and I guess that’s why it’s been such a great position to have at Bradley, it keeps it interesting and challenging.”

According to Pizzuti, one of her biggest accomplishments in her position was her role as the coordinator the Baker Hall relocation project to Campustown. This project required relocating classrooms, labs and office space for two academic years.

“It was a very challenging project, but I worked with a great group of faculty and staff to accomplish this task with very few, if any, problems in scheduling,” Pizzuti said.

As the assistant provost, Pizzuti is responsible for managing all full-time administrative support staff, and said she meets with academic deans on a daily basis.

“Working with faculty has been one of the most rewarding parts of the job because you learn so much from the faculty,” Pizzuti said. “I’ve become a resource to many faculty and department chairs and helping them with information they might need.”

Tracy Zuercher, administrative assistant of the provost’s office, said she has truly cherished her time working under Pizzuti.

“I cannot thank Linda enough for her guidance, encouragement and support over the years,” Zuercher said. “Not only is she an amazing boss, but she is also a loving, caring person whom I consider my friend.”

Administrative support for the office of the provost Deborah Pemberton said that even though she’s only worked with Pizzuti for three months, Pizzuti taught her so much.

“Her sense of humor had me laughing daily,” Pemberton said. “Linda is the heart of Bradley University. She will be deeply missed. I want to thank her for all she’s done for the university.”

Looking to the future, Pizzuti said she’s looking forward to long, relaxing beach vacations in Anna Maria Island off the coast of Florida and welcoming her soon-to-be-born twin grandchildren to the family.

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  1. Jan Traenkenschuh Jan Traenkenschuh May 3, 2019

    Congratulations Linda! It’s been a pleasure working with you over the last 25 years!

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