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Police Reports: 2018-04-13

Officers responded to a report of an unknown female entering an unlocked apartment at 4 a.m. April 7 on the 1100 block of W. Main Street.

The female walked into the apartment in search of a male student, and she encountered the female students in the apartment. The unknown female explained that she was looking for the male student, and the residents of the apartment told the female that the male did not live there.

The female then told the residents they should be more careful about locking their door, and left the apartment.

Officers were unable to locate the female, but determined that the male student she was looking for lived next door to the apartment.


Officers were dispatched to an off-campus residence due to two nonstudents arguing at 11:50 p.m. April 6 on the 1400 block of W. Main Street.

Officers reported that the male and female nonstudents, a couple, were consuming alcohol and became agitated with each other. The couple said the argument arose from their dinner earlier in the night when the male explained that he thought the pot roast the female made was dry.

Officers attempted to get one of two to leave the residence for the night, but they mutually agreed to sleep in different rooms of the house.

No charges were filed.


Officers were dispatched to collect items after a dorm drug search at 5:48 p.m. April 4 at Harper Hall.

The officers confiscated vape liquid to test for illegal substance. Though vape liquid is not something that would usually be confiscated, the Resident Advisor believed it contained an illegal substance.

Officers tested the liquid, which came back negative, and they then questioned the owner of the liquid, a male student. The student confirmed there was no illegal substance in it, and officers returned the vape liquid.

The officers then advised the student to not use his vape in the dorm, and no charges were filed.


Officers were dispatched after a male student received a hand injury at Markin Family Student Recreation Center at 7:14 p.m. April 4.

The student was playing basketball when he fell on his hand and received the injury. Officers called an ambulance to check the student’s hand, and said it was OK.

The AMTs allowed the student to be taken to the hospital, and he was taken there via private transportation.

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