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Student Senate passes fine system resolution

Bradley Student Senate passed a fine system committee resolution to address the problems with the fining system at the university. Student Senate passed a resolution on Oct. 1 that will create a fine system committee with the intention to make the university fining process equal and fair for all students.

“The result of our efforts to remedy the situation begins with the creation of the University Fine Systems Bill,” said Andrew Yohanan, chairperson of campus affairs in Student Senate. “This resolution creates a working group to accomplish three objectives: further investigate the various fine systems across campus, formulate recommendations to better the policies and procedures of the systems and for the group to publish their findings for the students and staff at Bradley.”

The appealing process for parking tickets is part of it.

“I can tell of an instance where a student purchased a new vehicle during the weekend with the intention of buying a parking pass as soon as possible,” Yohanan said. “However, before Swords Hall opened on Monday this student was given a ticket and a fine. The student appealed the ticket to no avail. So, the Student Senate began investigating further into the issue.”

Yohanan said Student Senate hopes that the committee will be filled with senators with diverse backgrounds that will bring progress.

“The team will be comprised of students, staff and faculty, and will be able to uncover the inequity present in the current policies and procedures,” Yohanan said. “This task is a problem both the University and Student Senate does not currently have the capacity to accomplish on their own, so we found it prudent to collaborate to guarantee the best possible outcomes.”

According to Yohanan, Student Senate is not trying to eliminate old ways, but they are taking a critical look at university policies.

“We as a senate are not looking to eliminate fines (monetary or otherwise), but we are demanding a critical review of iniquitous practices which have been the cause of grief for the student body,” Yohanan said.

With the passing of the resolution, it will now be proposed to the University Senate in the October meeting, and will up to the University Senate to either enact this new policy or vote it down.

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