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Residence hall renovations completed for move-in

The Bradley residence halls underwent a major facelift this summer. In a project that required copious amounts of planning from multiple groups, residents of the dorms are enjoying the updates.

Nearly every residence hall was a part of this large-scale revamp in some way.  University hall now has updated bathrooms and no more cabinets under the lofts in the A-side rooms. The roof work that started last semester in Williams was completed. Work was done on the ceilings and third floor in Lovelace. Geisert now has tile floors as well as a brand new, state-of-the-art cafeteria with a much larger dining area and a kosher kitchen. Harper/Wykoff now boasts a game room with brand new furniture and three flat screens that can easily be hooked up to any resident’s game system.

All of the buildings are now equipped with swipe technology, allowing residents to use their Bradley ID to enter their building. For those students with the new ID, the buildings are also equipt with proxy, meaning that the ID can be read without being swiped.

While all of these changes have been great campus improvements, Heitz takes the cake when it comes to the remodel.

It is no secret that Heitz was in pretty bad shape for the last few years. With recent updates, it could become one of the best dorms on campus.

“I think most people are pretty excited to see Heitz change.” Said Executive Director for Residential Living Nathan Thomas. “It’s the building that everyone acknowledges needs the most work so it’s exciting to see us do work in there but its also exciting to see the actual changes.”

The ground floor and first floor were completely remodeled. All of the furniture is moveable and brand new. First floor RA junior Avalon Thomas-Roebal said that it has been interesting to see how her residents have set up their rooms to meet their individual needs.

“I love the changes,” Thomas-Roebal said. “Heitz is now, in my opinion, one of the best places to live on campus.”

While the rooms are still not air conditioned, all of the remodeled bathrooms are. Next year the building is slated to be fully air conditioned along with more of the building following the ground and first floor revamp.

“We really did a first class job,” Thomas said. “We’re looking forward to finishing it next summer, it’s just too big a project to finish in one summer.”

Thomas said that the elevator in Heitz will be repaired to working condition within the year.

Thomas said that the all of the updates that happened this summer were a big undertaking and took lots of people internal as well as external to the university cooperating.

“This summer maybe more than any summer was a big collaborative team effort from across campus.” Thomas said.

Thomas said that he feels the updates to the dorms will improve the experience of students who choose to live on campus.

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