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Senior Column: Just the beginning

photo via Hannah Yglesias.

Even after ordering my cap and gown and not signing up for classes next semester, writing this senior column might be the only thing that has made me realize I have barely a month left here on the Hilltop.

After reflecting back on my time here at Bradley, I’ve decided to write about a different topic – homeschooling. This may or may not surprise you, but I was homeschooled right up until I came to Bradley. That’s right, mom and dad taught me, and no, neither have a background in education.

Attending Bradley was the first time I could finally talk about things other than high school. I could talk about things like, “yeah, I’m from Texas!” Getting to know people on campus there’s a lot of the same initial questions like what dorm you live in, your major, where you’re from and how classes are going.

No more having to explain that yes, I got to go on vacations during the school year, and no, I didn’t grow up on a farm. Yes, I had friends outside of my siblings and church, and no, I never had to take a standardized test. Yes, I completed all the education requirements for the state, but no, I don’t have an accredited high school diploma or GED.

A lot of people have an idea in their head of what a homeschooler is like, and it’s become pretty much an inside joke in the homeschooled community. But really, just because I didn’t go to a private or public school doesn’t mean I wasn’t socialized or didn’t gain an equivalent education.

I think I stand as a pretty good testament that a homeschooled education can be as good as public school. I’m not saying that public schools are necessarily bad, but I want to help open your mind and remove some of the stigma. While here at Bradley I’ve been president of an organization, had several internships, held a job on campus, maintained A’s and B’s, taken a May-term course in Rome and have been awarded outstanding advertising student. Not to brag, but those are some pretty cool things.

Bradley has given me so much, and I’m glad I chose to come here. It’s going to be weird not coming back here in the spring, so all y’all better send me lots of pictures of the campus bunnies (bunnies > squirrels). I’ll miss Bradley, but it’s as the saying goes, “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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