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Smoky Burgers n’ Frites Review

Photo by Scout staff.

Smoky Burgers n’ Frites is located in Campustown and features a menu of burgers, wings, frites (french fries) among other foods. Three staffers trekked over to the small restaurant on Tuesday night to give it a try. For the students that don’t have much in their bank account, don’t fear, they take Quick Cash. While our food was being prepared, we perused an arcade game of drag racing, but continued to wait for a few more minutes longer than we expected. It seemed like a long time for a fast-casual meal. Here is what The Scout’s critics thought.

Cole Bredahl’s Review

Five Smoky Wings n’ Frites with drink – $10.85

My wings came to the table with a surprise, I was gifted an extra wing. The happiness ended there, as my wings lacked flavor. They were just about your average wings you would expect at a barbeque with your neighbor Doug cooking. I was not motivated to finish all of them. The frites, however, were delicious. The frites were large and doughy, the way fries are meant to be. Overall, it’s not a bad place if students are looking for an affordable meal.

Overall: ★★★⭐︎⭐︎

Anthony Landahl’s Review

Smoky Burger n’ Frites with drink – $11.89

The Smoky Burger of my choice fit well with the side of frites that were quite delectable. The burger had a fine tang of bbq and smokey taste. Though not as juicy as I had hoped, the meat was cooked but still had a little pink within it to give it a satisfying flavor. The fries, that were essentially steak fries, were the best part of the meal. The onion and lettuce on the burger was basic, merely added to the top of the final product. I left full, but I had a little regret paying $11.89 for the meal. My biggest quibble of the night was that there were no desserts available. SAD. You can expect more of a drink variety at Geisert Dining Hall.

Overall: ★★⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Angeline Schmelzer’s Review

Chicken tenders n’ Frites with drink – $11.97

Although appealing at first glance, my chicken was not tender at all. It was hard to chew and overall, weird. It seemed like I needed a fork and knife to eat my finger food. The breading was nice and crispy, but the flavors would have been better suited on fried shrimp than chicken. They did not live up to the “best fried chicken” they advertised. The frites were the highlight of the meal. They had great texture and flavor. Also, the sweet “yum-yum” sauce paired nicely with well-salted frites.

Overall: ★★⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

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