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One on One: Should sports broadcasters be on-site for games?

Broadcasters can be remote 

 By Courtney White

Broadcasters are an essential part of sports, but is it necessary for them to be on-site for games?

No, I don’t think it’s necessary for broadcasters to be on-site for all games, as they have proven they can effectively do their job from remote locations. They have access to the camera feeds and can see the plays unfold just as they would in the ballpark.

With today’s technology, they may even have a better view of the field and action than they would if they were on-location, especially with access to instant replay. 

I also think that broadcasting off-site is more responsible as COVID-19 continues to affect our world. Less traveling means less risk of catching or possibly passing on the virus to others, including players or family members. 

If broadcasters stay remote for games, it also opens them up for working more games and broadcast opportunities, or supporting the team’s community events and charitable foundations. A smaller benefit is that less travel saves money for the team, which could be used in any number of ways benefiting the community or fan base.  

Broadcasters can do their job wherever they are, but it is more efficient for them to stay off-site. Why should broadcasters travel when they can stay remote and do an even better job?


It is time to welcome back all sports broadcasters

By Skye Gillespie

“That ball is hammered, deep to left field, and it is gone!”

It turns out the ball was 20 feet foul, but the broadcaster was not at the live game. He could not tell the ball was foul and completely missed the call.

During COVID-19, broadcasters worked the games from different locations. This was great to still provide us with live sports, but it is much harder to call the games. As long as they are vaccinated, there is no problem with returning to what they have always known. 

There are numerous reasons why these announcers need to be at the live sporting events. It is much easier to read the crowd when you are in the same arena as them. During challenges by coaches, or reviews by the officials, it is oftentimes hard for the announcers to describe to the audience what is happening. 

Technology also plays a role in this decision. These announcers have had to learn new technology, and the problems that come with it. They have had to adapt to a completely different change of scenery. 

Many of these announcers have spent their whole lives dreaming of having this career. Imagine if they put in all this hard work to become an announcer, and then they cannot even attend the games in person. 

It is often easy for the audience to tell when an announcer is working off-site. This makes the broadcast seem unprofessional, and that can lower the number of viewers for the games. 

There is not much to debate here; it is best for everyone involved to get the broadcasters back on-site. The world of sports is better off this way.

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