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One-on-One: Who will win the NBA Championship

As a sophomore in high school, throwing a crumpled piece of paper into a garbage can from a distance was the chance to shout the name of the 2000s greatest basketball player, Kobe Bryant.
This childish way of emulating a basketball superstar doesn’t happen just for any reason. No one yells out Darko as they throw their garbage away.
Kobe has spent his entire career making big shot after big shot and scoring at will.
He has four NBA Championships coupled with the greatest coach ever, Phil Jackson and is surrounded by a team that’s capable of doing work in the playoffs.
But on the teams post-Shaq, the Lakers ran into problems with depth. 
When you run a lineup that contains Luke Walton most nights, success may not come easily.
But now the Lakers have built a championship roster around their megastar. Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom have given the Black Mamba they talent he needs to start the assault on his fifth NBA title.
Kobe finally has those X-factors he needed for so long. From Ron Artest’s gaudy golden cranium to the new Mrs. Odom, the Lakers carry those ever so crucial components to bringing home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. 
-Bill Hopkins
For the first time in LeBron James’ seven-year career he has a supporting cast capable of winning the NBA championship. For the Cavs this is a make or break year.
There is no doubt that LeBron is the best player in the game. I would take him over Kobe in a heartbeat. 
LeBron does it all from scoring to rebounding to setting his teammates up to score. He makes all the players around him better.
With Shaquille O’Neal, former Braves star Anthony Parker, Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison, the Cavs not only have the best player in the game but also have a great supporting cast. 
The Cavs are the far and away best team in the East and should get by the Magic easily on their way to championship.
The biggest challenge will come in the NBA Finals. Whether they play the Lakers or anyone else from the West it will likely be a battle.
The Lakers would be a tough matchup for the Cavs, but LeBron and company would win. 
They are too deep and hungry to not beat the Lakers if it came to that.
When the NBA playoffs finally wrap up in June it will be the Cavs hoisting the trophy. 
-Alex Ross 
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