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The way they move

Sports have never been a huge part of my life. My family only watched sports when the Super Bowl rolled around, and even then, it was more of an obligation to see the neighbors than anything else.

It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized that I didn’t have to like sports to appreciate them.

I used to watch sports and dislike them, and after a while I think that it became almost habitual to do so. I lost sight of any reasoning to that decision, realizing how big of an impact sports had on my field of design.

The world of sports, over time, has cornered its own design market. It’s hard to go a day without seeing somebody sporting clothing with team logos, names and colors. When I was studying the human figure in drawing, a lot of the exercises I did were drawings of sports figures. Athletes are masters of the art of motion.

As an artist, I was always more interested in the logos and colors than the people wearing them. When I started actually studying art instead of just making it, I started to analyze and appreciate the time that went into making team logos.

It’s possible to say that through the years, a certain style has developed that is prevalent throughout the sporting world: large blocky fonts, heavy outlines and recognizable figures or symbols.

Famous athletes have the opportunity to become designers themselves. Jordan’s iconic silhouette is recognizable all over the world now, and his shoe brand has continued to grow in the last thirty years.

Sports brands now play an integral part in the world of artistic design, and they contribute heavily to the never-ending development of art and the expression of humanity. Everywhere you look, you’ll see images that immediately make you think of sports.

Nike shoes, Under Armour hoodies and Adidas sweatpants are all extremely recognizable because of their importance to the sporting world. They have also broken out and become staple brands.

We all know how comfortable sports clothing can be. You’ll workout much harder once you buy those shiny new Nikes, or at the very least, the placebo will make you feel better, faster and stronger.

I’m learning to really appreciate sports in a way that I didn’t think was possible before. The amount of artwork and thoughtful design that goes into creating a modern sports identity is staggering. Not too many people take the time to observe this.

At the same time, athletes not only produce their own brands, but embody them. I really enjoy watching sports now, even if all I do is study the way that the athletes move.

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