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Will the XFL be successful?



The revamped XFL, the newest attempt at a spring football league, has has been brought to the national spotlight and that said spotlight will result in success.

The season started the week after the Super Bowl, so it caters to the fan that craves more football after the NFL season ends. The XFL plays a 10-week season with two playoff games going through the month of April. An additional three months of football caters wells to fans of the country’s most followed sport.

The XFL is also financially abled. Compared to other leagues rivaling the NFL, the XFL is backed by Vince McMahon’s $500 million investment with the league being ran by a football mind in Oliver Luck. There is stability at the top, whereas other leagues didn’t have the stability the revamped XFL does.

The XFL has been away from the game for years and those in charge were able to learn and educate themselves on the proper way to orchestrate a league. They’ve put themselves in a better position than any other organization to be successful. Another reason the league will be successful is because of the TV deals they have secured with ABC, ESPN, and FOX, while before, the XFL was not broadcasted on a national stage weekly.

 The XFL only has eight teams for now, which fits perfectly as it has selected markets where the NFL already has or has had teams. In New York, L.A., Houston, Dallas, Tampa, Washington, St. Louis and Seattle, fanbases are craving more football, which is exactly what the XFL provides.

 Lastly, the XFL will be successful because of the head coaches running each team as they have been around NFL players and have had success throughout the football careers.

 It might be too early to tell, but the XFL has all the resources to succeed, all we have to do now is sit back and watch.




After failing the first time around in 2001, the XFL, a professional football league, is back. The previous version of the league had a monstrous amount of issues that Vince McMahon and commissioner Oliver Luck have worked to correct, but it’s unlikely that it will be enough for the league to succeed.

A handful of football leagues have tried either competing with the NFL or being a feeder league to the NFL, and none of them have worked. This includes the original XFL, AAF and USFL. All of which have hoped that there would be enough demand for the sport to support two professional leagues in the United States, but they were proven wrong with television ratings at a fraction of NFL games, and abysmal attendance numbers.

There are also lots of things happening at this time of the year in other sports leagues. The NHL and NBA are approaching the finish line of the regular season with thrilling races for playoff spots. The MLB regular season is only a month away, and the NFL offseason offers plenty of roster transactions that leave fans with enough to consume that they don’t need a second football league, even at this time of year.

The biggest thing that will doom the XFL is the quality of play, the big problem with every other football league that has gone up against the NFL. Players in the XFL are significantly worse than those in the NFL.

No players will sacrifice millions of dollars to play in the XFL over the NFL, leaving the XFL at a decisive disadvantage. The average player salary in the XFL is $55 thousand, with the top players earning as much as $500 thousand. The NFL average salary is $2.1 million with the top players earning north of $30 million. Those numbers are astronomically higher than the XFL.

With such little money to pay the players, and that’s not even the more important resource, the XFL is destined to fail once again.       

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  1. Brad m Brad m February 22, 2020

    watching the xfl is like watching the wwe but it’s football and not wrestling and the officials are making the rules up as they go they see what they want to see this isn’t real football this is just Vince McMahon trying to make more money give it a rest the XFL suck

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