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Ben Platt’s album is like falling in love

Grammy, Tony and Emmy award winner Ben Platt released his debut studio album “Sing to Me Instead” on Friday, March 29. Platt’s best known for originating the role of Evan in the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen” and playing Benji in the first “Pitch Perfect.”

Looking for a new song for you and your significant other? Needing a reminder of why you’re better off? The list below will direct you to the perfect song from the album to start with.

‘Bad Habit’
The first track on the album perfectly depicts what it means to love despite the faults and not for the virtues. Whether you’ve found yourself wanting the wrong person despite all odds or not, this soft pop song will have you feeling like you’re yearning for something you shouldn’t have in under four minutes.

‘Ease My Mind’
The background vocals in this track are all I ever want playing while I fall asleep, please and thank you. With a chorus that sings, “darling only you can ease my mind,” this song is sure to be a first dance for many couples in the years to come.

‘Temporary Love’
Platt picks up the tempo in “Temporary Love” for the heavy message behind these lyrics. This song is a message for anyone who is afraid to open up or worries love may not be worth the potential heartache.

‘Grow As We Go’
I cannot think of a better song for college love stories than this one. Platt is asking his person to stick with him as they learn the ins and outs of the world, because everything they may face will be easier when they have the love and support of one another. This softer song really conveys the dedication to be with someone for better or for worse.

‘Honest Man’
In case you were worried that you were four tracks in and hadn’t heard evidence of Platt’s gorgeous falsetto, here it is. The piano and chorus accompanying him ensures this song is meant to be performed in cathedrals with perfect acoustics and lighters in the air. However, alone in your car while you try to perfect mimicking Platt’s riffs is also a suitable way to listen to “Honest Man,” too.

‘Hurt Me Once’
For those who don’t know where they stand or feel the end is coming, I highly recommend this song as therapy. Platt knows how it feels to watch a flame begin to burn less bright, and the heartbreak in this song is palpable.

One of the most upbeat songs on the album, this pop track will have you strutting your stuff away from those who never worked out. Seriously, get ready to this song and let it bring you to life. You’ll be feeling brand new.

If you’re missing someone, this is going to either be the best or worst possible choice on your sad Spotify playlist. Getting over love, especially when it feels like the other person has already moved past it, can be one of the most devastating experiences. The intensity of this track highlights that in a flawless way. Platt gets it.

‘Share Your Address’
Love at first sight must feel exactly like this. Truthfully, I want all love to make me feel the way listening to this song does. By far the most upbeat on the album, “Share Your Address” gets the best aspects of love just right.

‘In Case You Don’t Live Forever’
Before you make another move or say another word, this is the type of declaration you should be making to those who matter in your life. This doesn’t just mean your significant other: your best friend, your family and all of those who have shaped your world. We all need reminders to tell those we love how we feel.

By far the most relatable on the album, “Older” reminds us to stop wishing for what’s to come and take it all in stride. “Don’t let your wonder turn into closure” is a line many should not forget (and plenty will surely tattoo on their bodies someday).

‘Run Away’
Platt depicting his parents’ love for each other and their son as an example of what he hopes to have is incredibly sweet. The message is one the artist is now sharing with the world as it was shared with him.

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