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Bringing back an iconic boy band

After six weeks, three engagements, two solo careers and countless tears due to their breakup, the Jonas Brothers have finally returned to remind the world what a real boy band is supposed to be.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas have made the inevitable comeback their song “Year 3000” foretold before their split in Oct. 2013. The Jonas Brothers are once again on track to outsell Kelly Clarkson with their seventh album 81 years from now.

With the release of “Sucker” on March 1, the Jonas Brothers have launched a rebrand of the beloved boy band with better hair, modern style and a brand new pop-centered sound. To celebrate their return to the spotlight, check out our list of songs to jam to while patiently awaiting the release of more new music.

“Burnin’ Up”
If hearing Nick Jonas saying “red dress” does not immediately make you feel things, then you clearly grew up in the wrong generation. Plus, this iconic music video features Nick essentially playing James Bond, Joe with a laughable mustache and their body guard Big Rob joining in on the fun with a rap feature that still has not been explained to me. Honestly, what more could anyone want?

One of the most successful songs on their last, and once thought to be final, album, is this breakup anthem for the ages. If you’ve found yourself shouting the lyrics to “S.O.S.” at any point in your life, then you must know what heartbreak truly feels like. Or you happened to be in the seventh grade and your crush left you on read. Both scenarios are equally applicable if you’re searching for reasons to belt this masterpiece through tears.

If this song doesn’t make you believe in love, then honestly nothing will. Released in 2008, “Lovebug” set the bar for junior high and high school relationships everywhere. Girls begged the DJ at school dances to play this song so they could slow dance with that special someone in the school gym. Young love at its finest right here.

“When You Look Me in the Eyes”
Don’t even try to pretend this song doesn’t send you right into the feels. We all cry when Joe and Nick’s voices harmonize and sing those sweet and heartfelt lyrics from their third album “A Little Bit Longer.” This was the song of every couple in the late 2000s.

“Year 3000”
I still request this at parties. So should you.

“Play My Music”
Who could forget this classic from “Camp Rock?” This song represents all that is good about our childhoods: a classic Disney movie, constant iconic hair flips because the boys’ couldn’t see behind their luscious locks and Joe and Demi still being considered an iconic pairing. This song can take you back to simpler times.

“A Little Bit Longer”
This soft rock ballad has carried our generation through every hard time. “A Little Bit Longer” highlights Nick’s beautiful falsetto and reminds us all why he is now the front man of the band in the “Sucker” cover art. Claim your place Nick, because you’ve earned this.

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