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College-set TV shows that are worth the watch 

Many of our favorite TV shows either showcase high school settings or post-graduate lifestyles, without much display of the years that come in between.

There may not be many series that focus on college students, but here are some college-set shows, realistic or otherwise, to try.


A spinoff of the series “black-ish,” this show follows Zoey Johnson, the oldest daughter of the original show’s leads Dre and Rainbow Johnson, as she heads to college. The show aims to offer a fresh and relatable take on the college experience as the characters address race, drugs, alcohol and sexuality.

Zoey enters her freshman year believing that she has everything figured out, but like most of us, she quickly realizes that college is uncharted territory and it takes some time to adjust. Similar to Dre in “black-ish,” Zoey narrates each episode, pausing to reveal her inner thoughts and feelings.

Once you learn to accept Zoey’s occasionally annoying and overcomplicated approach to conflict resolution, the altogether flavorful cast makes “grown-ish” a comfortable watch, with its 25-minute episodes suitable for study breaks. The series is available for viewing on Hulu.

‘Dear White People’

This Netflix original series is about a group of Black students at a predominantly white Ivy League university. The main character Samantha White hosts a radio show dedicated to exposing and addressing racial injustices on campus and in society.

With a combination of satire, self-deprecation, intense honesty and humor, “Dear White People” makes you laugh all the while giving insight into the trials and tribulations of students of color at primarily white institutions.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’

This legal thriller series centers on Annalise Keating, a criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University, who selects five students from her class each year to aid her in her legal cases. When both the students and Professor Keating find themselves wrapped up in their own crimes as well as those of the people around them, they use their legal knowledge and personal relationships to try and stay afloat.

Although this show has way too much lawbreaking and death to represent any real college experience, it has some good moments. The storytelling is achieved through flashbacks, present-day events and flash-forwards so you’ll need to keep up. If you’re like me and enjoy a little drama, “How to Get Away with Murder” is a good choice. All six seasons are available on Netflix.

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ 

The most recent of the selections, “The Sex Lives of College Girls” is an HBO Max original show that follows the lives of four suitemates during their first year of college.

The girls’ different backgrounds create hilarious clashes as they try to navigate their places on campus by exploring their newfound freedom. 

Even with occasionally cringe-worthy moments that miss the mark and plotlines that aren’t that relatable, the core group’s struggle to reinvent themselves along with plenty of laughs and pop culture references just might be enough to make you binge the 10-episode first season.

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