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Corpse Husband: the horror-narrating YouTuber that’s stealing restful nights

Photo illustration by Jade Sewell

Move over, Morgan Freeman—there’s a new voice in town that the internet wants to have narrate their bedtime stories.

The YouTuber and singer that has taken the internet by storm goes by the alias “Corpse Husband,” or more simply, “Corpse.” After appearing in various videos playing Among Us with YouTube gamers, his popularity has only increased.

His fans have been known to have him trending on Twitter quite often, and his songs have been spread through TikTok videos. However, he started on YouTube in 2015 reading true horror stories sent in from fans or found on the internet.

Corpse has a deep and low voice and remains faceless, which is a big part of his branding. He said he remains faceless out of anxiety but knows that it benefits his storytelling. It lets his audience use their imagination and focus on the tales of horror.

With Halloween season here, his horror story videos are perfect for getting just a little bit spooked. Since his videos usually feature experiences sent in by fans, they don’t include paranormal encounters, but that in itself makes it creepier.

Here’s the best Corpse Husband videos to listen to for a night of suspense. Warning, these stories mention violence, stalking, kidnapping and more of the like, so listen with caution.

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These Tinder experiences can probably be the closest to what college students experience, so it’s definitely relatable to dates gone wrong.

I will say, it’s a little hilarious to hear a grown man that is sulfur hexafluoride (the gas that has the opposite effect of Helium) personified saying he’s a teenage girl, so immersion can be a challenge for the listener. However, that’s made up with a guest narrator appearing later.

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The music in this video makes these stories very compelling, which is my favorite part of this video in particular.

When there’s a mention of high-pitched screams, the music has sharp and sudden notes, which makes the experience jarring. The music also stops when the person in the story gets scared, which leaves the audience to stop in fear also, or it starts back up when they have a moment of realization.

3 True INTENSE Horror Stories From People Who Encountered MURDERERS | Scary True Stories

These stories actually are intense with either tales of close calls or less fortunate events, leaving us to wonder if the people involved were going to make it out of their situation in one piece.

The build-up is big with the first and the last story, which both get into some gory details about the incidents that were told. It definitely makes you cautious of strangers at night or who you get close with.

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