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Did you know the gays play baseball?

This article is part of the Voyeur 2020 💕

To all my fellow homosexuals, have you ever struggled in trying to guess if your newest love interest is a catcher or pitcher? Trying to guess someone’s position in the game can be quite difficult. For those of us who are not a part of the homosexual agenda, let me give you a couple of vocab definitions to study.

When looking up catcher and pitcher in “The Gay Dictionary: useful words and terms,” by Carson Allen, you will find that “catcher and pitcher” are terms coined from the American sport called baseball. Much like baseball, catcher and pitcher refer to two male positions with the pitcher being the one who “throws the ball” and the Catcher receiving and “holding onto the ball.”

Now, if you are a fellow homosexual or even heterosexual and still interested, you might want to know some of the synonyms to our vocabulary terms.

Going back and looking at “The Gay Dictionary: useful words and terms,” you will find a long list of vocabulary like dominant and submissive, masculine and feminine, the guy and girl in the relationship, the one who is taller or shorter and even the simplest of them all, top and bottom.

Stereotypically, the taller, stronger, knight in shining armor is seen as playing the starring role of the pitcher. Our stereotypical catcher is smaller in size, more feminine and usually has great definition in the lower half of their body, along with a higher pain tolerance.

On the majority of college students’ favorite mainstream social media app, TikTok, creators have come up with a multitude of ways to figure out who is the catcher and pitcher.

If your TikTok feed is like mine and you have a constant stream of gay creators, then you have probably seen the trend of outing your “baseball” position. A person’s position can be outed by using Meghan Trainor’s song, “All about that Bass.” There are other clues like, “If you know the words to this song … then you are this position.”

No matter how hard you try to guess, sometimes you can’t tell which position a person plays. There are mainstream stereotypes, but a lot of times, they are wrong. If you are wondering which position your interest plays this Valentine’s Day, you might just have to ask. You never know, though. Playing two different positions in the baseball game could be fun.

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