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Five actors that should have been cast as Mario instead of Chris Pratt

Graphic by Kyle St. John

Illumination’s decision to cast Chris Pratt as the lead in the upcoming “Super Mario” animated film has left many fans scratching their heads. Here are five actors more deserving of the role.

Chris Pine

If Illumination insists on casting one of the four members of the Hollywood Chris set as Mario, why not cast the most underrated Chris — Chris Pine? Most famous for playing Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot films, Pine has shown his range in other big-budget films like “Wonder Woman,” as well as with romantic roles in films like “Into the Woods” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.” However, we believe the biggest pieces of evidence to support Pine voicing Mario are his performances in the animated films “Rise of the Guardians” and the critically acclaimed “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

Nicolas Cage

The subject of a popular fan edit, Nicolas Cage has already gained traction on the internet to play the pixelated plumber. At the very least, his unique acting style that combines over-the-top yelling with serious whispers would make for an engaging viewing experience. Also, Cage will agree to be in just about any movie. He currently has 108 acting credits on IMDb, and will likely continue working to fund his bizarre purchases and globe-trotting quests for the Holy Grail.

Jack Black

If anyone has the range to pull off playing both Bowser and Mario in the same movie, it’s Jack Black. The dual performance could also lend some depth about man versus self in an otherwise unnecessary cash-grab excuse for a movie. An internet campaign dating back to December 2020, which stated that Black could play any role Pratt has previously held, gives further credence to this alternative casting choice.

Lady Gaga

For years, video game developers have been called out for their unfair treatment of women, and “Super Mario” is no exception. One of the only female characters in the franchise, Princess Peach, is a perpetual damsel with no agency of her own. Casting a woman to voice the arguably most iconic video game character would be a step in the right direction to remediate some of these issues. Why cast Lady Gaga over any other actress out there? She’s an Italian-American icon, and Pratt’s lack of Italian heritage has been another point of contention. Plus, Gaga would undoubtedly use her Grammy and Academy Award-winning talents to give the “Super Mario” movie a killer soundtrack.

Danny DeVito

Why wouldn’t you cast Danny DeVito as Mario? The universal appeal and likability that he has built up over his long career would lend itself well to playing such an iconic character. And with his “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” co-star Charlie Day voicing Luigi, who knows what shenanigans their interpretations would get up to?

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