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Bradley University honors Jim Goodnow for contributions to business

During his speech, Jim Goodnow thanked his late parents and wife for their love and inspiration. Photo by Madalyn Mirallegro.

If you have stopped by the Business and Engineering Convergence Center (BECC) recently, you might have spotted the line of flags above the bridge on the second floor.

Jim Goodnow, who taught at Bradley for 20 years as the International Business Coordinator, gifted the flags to the BECC. On Oct. 19, Goodnow came back to Bradley to be honored for his contributions to the Foster College of Business.

“Dr. Goodnow was instrumental in developing and forwarding the Foster College of Business’ International Business program,” Matthew O’Brien, interim dean of the Foster College, said.

The ceremony was held at the site of the line of flags in the BECC, where they hung above the heads of everyone in attendance.

To start the ceremony, O’Brien said a few words in honor of Goodnow and the flags that represent international business across the world.

“These flags are not only a respectful display of those countries but also a representation of Bradley University’s commitment to the continued globalization of our students,” O’Brien said.

As described by O’Brien, the flags are not just a gift to BECC but also to students to inspire them to explore and experience the world of international business.

“It is our hope that this display will remind and encourage all Bradley students, faculty, staff and visitors to think globally,” O’Brien said. “This includes joint international research and study activities with higher educational institutions in other countries, international student and faculty exchange programs, study abroad and internationally oriented courses.”

After O’Brien introduced the audience to Goodnow, he stepped away to give the honoree the floor to thank everyone for coming and to talk more about the history of the flags.

At one point in his speech, Goodnow referenced two photos next to him of his late parents and late wife. He thanked his parents for giving him the inspiration of travel and love of the world, and further thanked his wife for sharing with him a love of adventure and her love for experiencing new things.

“They had a profound effect on me, and they encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do,” Goodnow said.

As Goodnow was finishing his speech, he left the audience with three secrets to success in his field.

“I talk to my students about how to be successful in business,” Goodnow said. “I used to say that there are three secrets to success in business: product, policies and politics.”

After the speech concluded, there was an opportunity to talk more with Goodnow and the other Bradley colleagues in attendance.

Goodnow wanted to give the flags to Bradley due to his fascination with globalization and wanting students to be more engaged in international business.

“They [the flags] represent the concept of globalization,” Goodnow said. “More importantly, they represent opportunities for Bradley students to engage in all kinds of international educational and growing experiences.”

While there were many important faces from BECC at the ceremony, there was one that was both important and personal to Goodnow himself: his son, Chuck Goodnow, was there to support his dad during the celebration.

“Not all of us are rich and famous and have the ability to create some fantastic foundation as a legacy, but at least I see that my dad has left a little tiny bit of a legacy in the institution that he loved,” Chuck Goodnow said.

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