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Four times love prevailed

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Love is strong when it’s real.

Those who stab together, stay together (or however the saying goes.)

Back in September 2019, a couple from Monroe, LA were placed behind bars after holding a woman down and stabbing her in the leg with a pair of scissors. Authorities said Zequanna Oliver was arguing with said victim when her partner, Damarquis Oliver, held the victim down on a bed. Zequanna Oliver then stabbed her twice. They had to know they were going to get caught, yet Damarquis held that woman down anyway while Zequanna handled her business. While they have not faced a judge yet, they may be spending their time writing love letters behind bars.

You’re the one that I want

A love triangle leaves a man dead. Ralph Wald, shot and killed Walter Conley, whom he found having sex with his wife. Wald woke up to find his wife Johnna Lynn Flores having sex with Conley on the living room floor. With assistance from the “stand your ground” law in the good ‘ol state of Florida, Wald was acquitted of second-degree murder by the jury. Upon his release from jail, Wald had a special surprise planned for his wife. Flores said, “Because my husband puts me first, he’s taking me to the Waffle House.” Not only did they remain married, but after finding his wife having sex with another man, he took her to Waffle House. Nothing says “I love you” like “I’m sorry for killing your lover. Let’s go get some waffles.”

Love Triangle with a Twist

Darrell Roberson shot and killed Devin LaSalle, whom he thought was attacking his wife. Tracy Roberson, the wife, was yelling out for help to her husband, when in reality she and LaSalle were lovers! You might think that he would get indicted and go to jail, but no. It was Tracy who got charged with manslaughter. Because to the jury, Roberson was just protecting his wife, unaware she was having an affair. Even though Tracy nearly sent Darrell to prison, Darrell’s attorney, Chris Mulder, said the couple fully intends to stay together. Their relationship shows no battle is too hard for love.

‘Love means never having to say I’m sorry I stabbed you while we were smoking crack.’

A 2019, Peoria Journal Star article of the same name details the story of a 49-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman who got into an altercation after smoking the aforementioned substance. The woman stabbed the man after he grabbed the lighter while she was still using it. Despite the fight, the couple decided to remain together. Love truly does conquer all.

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