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I think we ALL should dislike Tori

On Nov. 2, Netflix added “Victorious” to its lineup.

Many took to social media to express their joy upon their discovery. It’s nice and all, but there were plenty of other shows from Nickelodeon that should be added to the streaming service. I’ll be the first to admit it, “Victorious” is not my favorite Dan Schneider show nor is it the best show he has created.

“Drake and Josh,” “Zoey101” and “iCarly” take the cake as my top three Schneider sitcoms.

“Victorious” seems quirky and original, but I think the thing that truly puts me off about it is Tori. That’s right, Tori Vega, the show’s main character is the sole reason for my disdain. When you begin to think about it, everyone in the show has something special about them except her.

Andre has his grandma, who is seemingly afraid of everything that has ever walked the Earth.

Robbie has his puppet, Jade has her unhealthy obsession with scissors, Beck has his good looks, Cat has her unique laugh and Trina has her iconic one woman show which featured her original song, “Chicago!”

Tori doesn’t really have much going for her.

Sure, she can sing, but so can everybody else on the show. “Victorious” wanted to push Tori as the most talented singer, but in reality, every duet she shared with either Jade or Cat ended in one outcome: Tori was out-sung.

This talent-related tension between Victoria Justice and the rest of the cast was clearly visible, especially in an old interview where Tori refuses to let Ariana Grande accept a compliment, saying “I think we ALL sing.”

There were a few other moments that Tori grew to be unbearable as well.

In the episode “Prom Wrecker,” Jade said that she was putting on a one woman show. Tori decided that she wanted Hollywood Arts to have its first ever prom. The only time slot available for her prom would be the same date and time as Jade’s play. Tori then proceeded to get angry because Jade was upset that Tori scheduled her dance for the same time as the play.

Another instance is in the episode “Cat’s New Boyfriend.”

As the title of the episode suggests, Cat has a new boyfriend in the episode who just so happens to be Tori’s ex-boyfriend. Throughout the episode, Tori is visibly jealous over Cat’s relationship instead of showing happiness for her friend. Tori sees Cat and her boyfriend kissing, and Tori proceeds to spray hot cheese on them. She even ends up kissing Cat’s boyfriend, which Cat witnesses.

Tori kissing her friends’ boyfriends was an ongoing occurrence as she ended up kissing Beck, Jade’s boyfriend, multiple times. Not only did this grow my distaste for Tori, it also made me upset with Schneider as he set a bad example for his young viewers.

Tori Vega might be the main character of the show, but I think we ALL (meme intended) know that she is far from the greatest.


  1. Camden Camden November 26, 2019

    No offense but this article is kind of stupid :)

  2. Janette Janette December 4, 2019

    This article! Amazing, thank you!

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