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Indie film director delves into a world of fantasy

One-hundred and fifty bucks an hour. She’ll wear anything and say whatever you want her to. Besides sex or kissing, she’ll do whatever you want. She’ll help you live out your fantasy.
“One Hour Fantasy Girl” is the story of Becky Lewis, who is living in Hollywood and working her first month as a dominatrix.
Written and directed by Edgar Michael Bravo, this independent film is a dramatic look into the dark, dangerous lives of fantasy girls.
Becky (Kelly-Ann Tursi), or “Brandi” as her clients call her, has been alone in this world since she was 15. Haunted by her past, she lives in Hollywood while working as a fantasy girl. Becky has decided that, with the help of her business partner Chi (Paul Nguyen), she can make some real money. If she works hard enough now, she plans to become successful in the real estate business.
Among the strange men Becky meets, there is one semi-normal one. Bobby Richards (Joe Luckay) is a young computer nerd who found her “One Hour Fantasy Girl” Web site. They meet and he ends up becoming more to her than just another client.
Throughout the movie, Becky discovers more about what becoming a fantasy girl really means. She learns there’s an even darker side of the fantasy girl life when she witnesses the murder of a close friend. Becky also realizes as trusting as some people may seem, you can never really depend on anyone.
The film was intriguing from beginning to end. The acting was excellent and the original music, by Nima Fakhrara, fit the mood perfectly. A fellow Bradley student, senior entrepreneurship major Levi Obery, co-produced this film.
Bradley students had an opportunity to view a private screening of “One Hour Fantasy Girl” on Friday. After the film, the audience was able to ask Bravo questions.
One student asked, “What kind of research did you do for a film like this?”
Bravo told the audience he actually met with some real fantasy girls to interview them. When actually developing the character of Becky, he said, “I wanted to combine characters into one girl, instead of many girls like a documentary.”
Bravo wanted more of a plot, where you could identify with one girl and follow her story.
“‘One Hour Fantasy Girl’ took about four to six months to finish,” he said. “With only a $100,000 budget, we had to be very organized with our time and money.”
Bravo went on to say how he was amazed an entire segment of society would want more than just sex. These girls will do anything besides sex. And as you can imagine, that makes for a plethora of bizarre requests from clients.
Another audience member asked, “Were the fantasies in the movie inspired by real fantasies?”
Bravo said yes, all of them. He told the audience the fantasies Becky had to act out were extremely peculiar, but he heard a lot worse from the fantasy girls he interviewed.
“These girls come from broken homes,” Bravo said. “Some survive, some don’t.”
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